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  1. I use android Office Suite Pro to edit all my Microsoft Evernote attachments and am able to save all updates back to Evernote without any issues. Just remember to select the 'edit' option on the attachment. Once you are done editing, you save it in office suite pro, it brings you back to Evernote where Evernote then asks you if the changes should be saved. Select 'yes' and all is good.
  2. This affects me in that I often work offline and then get surprised to find that the articles I had clipped are empty. I guess evernote don't realize how a 'small' bug can make their app un-trustworthy ...so frustrating
  3. You can export in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or HTML, which are not compatible with EV :-(
  4. You are correct. It isn't open source. I confused it with Joplin
  5. Color coding is not consistent across platforms. On mobile, the right edge of the note is colored in the note list. Seems absent on web/pc. I might be wrong but can't find it
  6. Also ability to define notes as favourites... But can be done with EV as short cuts... EV is superior here
  7. Okay, although I was trying to not sound too spammy by letting people go check it out on their own.... here are my observations: The products are very similar. I would say that Nimbus Note is an OpenSource clone of EV Features specific to NImbus Ability to color notes Ability to encrypt entire notes with different passwords for each note (if you wish) Free account is 100MB with no OCR in attached docs (pdf, xls, word) you can edit clips with the Nimbus clip editor before saving them to nimbus
  8. Not sure who named you the spam cop...but no....I originally posted on the Android forum due to the frustrations all users are having with the android clip function which has been inoperative for over a month. Since Nimbus Note seems to have much of the functionality that people are looking for, I recommended that people take a look at it. I am a paid EV premium customer and have been for years. I have had my share of issues with the product and have had to deal with a mostly unresponsive support team, I also posted on this forum because it is an fyi to anybody using the evernote suite
  9. also full note encryption (entire note with pics) local notebooks on desktop full sync with mobile ability to edit a clip before committing it to server free 100 mb per month plus unlimited devices more....take a look !
  10. WOW...and it works on all my devices clipper for chrome works very well you can import evernote enex files
  11. Hi folks, I use Evernote to do my research. I often write articles with inspiration from many web clippings, my audio recordings, images I clipped or taken with my camera, etc. Once these research items are in EV, I would like a new kind of "tag". As I am reading a clipped source, I would like to be able to highlight text or images and assign a research tag to these items. I would apply these research tags to all the relevant source snippets I have and would like to then be able to build a new note consisting of these research tag extracts. Essentially, by specifying a research ta
  12. But clipping was "acceptable" before. Put that old code back in until your staff come up with a better tested solution
  13. Seems to me that quality assurance dropped the ball when the software was allowed to be released with this serious issue undetected during regression testing. Clipping web pages is an extremely common and important Evernote feature. To have broken this and then released a fix that is inadequate is unacceptable. Evernote don't seem to realize how important their software has become to so many people. Rather than focusing on adding features that we can all wait for, fix and stabilize what's already out there. Of course, the ceo doesn't get in the trenches to see the pain that the users are suffe
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