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  1. I am trying to locate notes within my database that contains a particular string but wish to exclude a notebook from the search. Of course, I tried "notebook:-neuralnetworks perceptron", but it returns no notes at all although I know I have notes elsewhere with that string. I guess my attempt at excluding a notebook is not supported. Any ideas?
  2. I would like the ability to search for all notes that have tasks whose due date is today and is not yet completed. There doesn't seem to be a search available on task due dates.
  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one having this issue. Not only does the note close, but it also goes back to the top of the note when you reopen it. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED YESTERDAY!
  4. Greetings. It would be great if we could link a task to an internal note or external web link. This would allow rich content with further details to be attached to a task Thanks for your consideration
  5. What have they been doing to this app? My gosh, I have a note that I must keep updated regularly and now i have to go through some kind of black magic to make my note editable. This is becoming unbearable. (Premium user for 10 years losing faith in what used to be a great product).. Wake up dev and realize the impact of your "improvements" are making on the un-usability of the app.
  6. No matter what context I exit from evernote desktop, whenever I launch EV, it goes to the "Shared with me" page even though I have nothing shared and never go to that option purposely.
  7. I use android Office Suite Pro to edit all my Microsoft Evernote attachments and am able to save all updates back to Evernote without any issues. Just remember to select the 'edit' option on the attachment. Once you are done editing, you save it in office suite pro, it brings you back to Evernote where Evernote then asks you if the changes should be saved. Select 'yes' and all is good.
  8. This affects me in that I often work offline and then get surprised to find that the articles I had clipped are empty. I guess evernote don't realize how a 'small' bug can make their app un-trustworthy ...so frustrating
  9. You can export in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or HTML, which are not compatible with EV :-(
  10. You are correct. It isn't open source. I confused it with Joplin
  11. Color coding is not consistent across platforms. On mobile, the right edge of the note is colored in the note list. Seems absent on web/pc. I might be wrong but can't find it
  12. Also ability to define notes as favourites... But can be done with EV as short cuts... EV is superior here
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