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  1. Why does it now need extra permssions (on firefox) to have read and write access my local clipboard? That is a huge security and privacy no-no. I can think of no concevable extra features related to clipboard read and write use.
  2. Thanks. Best move both of my recent requests then.
  3. So, this is the frustrating part. I knew all of this already. Maybe your first comment was the one i should have responded to :(. Is this not a place to make feature requests?
  4. Hi, I would like to be able to ensure that when looking at a structured notebook, that it has a mechanism to ensure the structure is immediately available. I can imagine this being something like: Default sort order of a notebook, as a search inside the notebook. e.g. Notebook is a set of pages numbered 1-100. default notebook search is "notes titled 10-20 in reverse order". When i select that notebook, the order of notes is: [sorted 20-10],[view sort: 1-9,21-100] 'Pinning' notes by having special tags that relate to a normal document structure, e.g. $toc = table of contents, $glossary, $appendix,
  5. Hi, When i use Evernote i would like to be able to 1. define a default view page (preferably per client) - The default would be defined as a shortcut - so it could be a note, a stack, a search etc. Tim.
  6. Well, i can see that this thread was started in 2009, and only 5 pages of response - kind of sets the stage. I want a linux version. I have been on and off using Crossover, so now i I have a different suggestion, that i hope will generate more feedback, and offer more value rather than have a differnt OS as a target. Evernote on Steam. Where Evernote can capture those moments from your gaming life. Steam is working hard to make all of its Windows OS titiles more cross platform (e.g mac and linux - via a cross platform wine like tool) What do you think?
  7. I prefer Voltaire's attitude on disagreement: “I wholly disapprove of what you say and will defend to the death your right to say it.” Reasoning through issues is always my preferred approach. I'm sorry if it came across as a personal attack, i guess that must be because i belong to the unreasonable people in this thread? As a GURU who does not use Linux, what would you consider a minimum viable client?
  8. I'm sorry but i find this comment a bit absurd from a GURU poster. If it is the responsibility of a good business to listen to its customers so that it can support them better. It is the responsibility of us as customers to inform the business of our wishes so that they can have the chance to serve us better. If Evernote think this is an unreasonable approach to customer relations, then they should probably just give up the charade of customer support and shut down the forum. Regardless of your opinion on whether i can or cannot use my subscriber relationship with Evernote to ask them to reconsider a feature i really want, the fact of the matter is that Evernote already supports a Linux platform (Android). Like the whole web service industry, it seems they have standardised on client side HTML5 UI's for their Online and Android UI's. So it looks like a low hanging fruit to an enforced web user. As this seems to be available from many cross platform out of the box technologies like Electron, which use HTML5, and were designed for just this kind of thing, i think it is only going to become easier for them to do. There are of course other half-way approaches (which i have already addressed in other posts), that would also serve *my* needs, but i also respect the wishes of the other posers who want Linux to be supported. So just to reiterate, thank you for your opinion, but i for one will continue to ask Evernote to reconsider, and extend that Linux support to non Android Linux's too.
  9. If i want to continue increasing the value and reliance of the data i store in evernote, i want to be able to backup (and restore) with confidence. That's as simple as i can put it. What i am asking for is a single supported way of backing up *all of* my evernote data, inducing history, shared documents and attachments, such that i am independent of needing the application or website if i have to investigate a backup at a later date. @DTLow, Thanks, for the tip, but i don't know what EN Note is. There is a tool called geeknote that can do something similar on any platform that supports Python (and i think C/C++?) but that is not what i am asking for. Also a Mac backup feature is not Evernote being capable of creating backups. When i assert "a backup is not a backup if it cannot be restored" what i mean is can i take that backup and use it to restore my application state back to where it was when i took the backup. How many people have even tried to restore from a backup after they have been made? not many. Its always too late to find out after the disaster that you are missing some critical piece to get up and running again. In my day job, when i backup a database, its always to a text file that the database software itself can use to restore the structure and content such that the application using that application using the database is in the same state as when the it was backed up. That is how you manage data with any value. Another mantra of managing data with value is the classic 3-2-1 backup rule: Have at least three copies of your data. Store the copies on two different media. Keep one backup copy offsite. I have no idea how to manage the 3-2-1 rule with evernote without keeping backups of the application and operating system it is running on. I guess i could run evernote in a virtual machine, and keep that VM under backup, but seriously WTF? @piotroxp Please to not make this about Linux, I started there, but its not about that to me any more. What i am asking for is backup and restore in text, of my historical information and attachments. The reason i specify a version control system is because this is exactly what they have been designed to do and git is the best version control system for the job (in my humble opinion). I'm a Linux user and Windows user. I want evernote to be a tool i can use anywhere, but that is too much to expect from evernote. There is very little return on investment for them for non mainstream platforms, i mean who wants to support whatever the Tesla roadster runs on :). But seriously, see my response to @DTLow. The fact that a cross platform version control system has the fringe benefit of (assuming it was done right) making support for non windows/mac users, much, much easier, is no longer relevant to me. The epiphany i had was i don't care any more about that cross platform problem, its not the problem i actually want to solve. I want to know that if i invest the time and money into using evernote for anything other than a toy, then i can do so with confidence. I love that evernote has its own version control of my source documents. its part of what makes the service valuable to me. As wikipedia states: I propose git, but any tool would work, because as already stated, that is exactly what they were designed to do.
  10. I have created a feature request thread that address backups and restoration using git. With a git repository as the source, i can imagine it would be possible to create a Jekyll plugin or similar.
  11. This is kind of related, I have created a feature request thread to address backups and restoration in a generic manner. The basic idea is to use git backup, a well known distributed version control system, to enable backup and restore of notes. Search for git backup if you think this is a reasonable feature, and give some feedback.
  12. I have created a feature request thread to address backups and restoration. The basic idea is to use git backup, a version control system, to enable backup and restore of notes. They can export the notes in version controlled EML or similar, and, restore from same. Search for git backup if you think this is a reasonable approach, and give some feedback.
  13. This is a related topic, I have created a feature request thread to address backups. The idea is to use a version controlled system based on the imported/exported date (search for git backup). If you think it is a good idea then chip in.
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