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Web Clipper (firefox) keyboard shortcut to open/switch to Evernote tab and edit window.



The browser based use cases are:

1. I am researching a topic. I want to capture information from various sources into a set of notes. When i capture a web page i have just read, i want to immediately add notes to the page.

2. I have just captured a web-page, and want to immediately refile, retag, restructure plaintext, or perform similar operations.

3. I am researching around a topic, watching a youtube video, listening to podcast, reading related content in another application, and want to capture thoughts into a research note.

For all of these use cases, I need to perform either of these operations:

1. Open a new tab with the Evernote Web UI, select note list, select the edit window for the note currently displayed (last updated). Edit

2. Find open evernote web ui tab, select the edit window for the note currently displayed (last updated).

This is alot of cognitive overhead.

Feature Request:

The simplest solution as i see it, is to add a browser wide keyboard shortcut to perform the operations above.

Specifically, to open (or switch to ?) an Evernote tab, open the last updated note (which will be either the last capture, or the note i am working on) and place the keyboard focus in the edit window.

Bonus points, would be to pop up a note edit window, opened on the last updated note, that can be dismissed with escape.


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