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  1. Thank you for your response. I want to make clear, this is not what I am asking for, I don't want this request to be misunderstood as a request for code blocks. I am very specifically asking for the capability to edit or modify the formatting of pasted in content such as the two examples I explained above which happened to show a code block. Evernote, I am hopeful you will consider this feature request. Thank You, Greg
  2. I would like to make the following feature request, the ability to view and edit the Evernote markup of a note. As you can see from the attached example, I was recently doing some research on Node.js and storing that information within Evernote. When I copy and paste information from various sources, I find indentation and other formatting can be hard to re-format. In the attached example, you can see this with the first code snippet which is indented. I had no way to adjust this indenting, even though the rest of the formatting looked great. Another example can be seen in the white on grey reversed text. I could not find a way in Evernote to remove this grey background and easily reformat this text. Of course, I could have pasted this is with "Paste and Match Style" but I wanted to retain most of the look (as in the code examples) but just apply some tweaking. As an alternative, maybe you could consider an option we see in applications such as Microsoft Word, which allow Copy Formatting via a paintbrush style tool. This formatting can then be applied to other areas of the document? Thank you for the consideration of this feature request. I am a huge Evernote fan as Premium subscriber. I would love to do a testimonial for you if that would ever be appropriate. All the best, Greg Paskal
  3. I've got the identical problem and so disappointed with the update to PenUltimate. I was hoping an update would have been released by now as I use to use the App all the time and it's now so broken there is no real easy way to use it. Please provide some details as to when you believe this issue will be resolved.
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