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  1. So, apparently, I'm not allowed to "like" (upvote) more than 50 posts in one day, with this new forum system (got an error pop-up - DESPITE POP-UPS BEING BLOCKED IN MY BROWSER!!!) informing me that I have reached my "quota limit" of posts that I can "like" in one day. WTF? Apparently, people are being discouraged from doing a lot of reading in the forums. (sarcasm) Can't imagine why! (/sarcasm)
  2. I have been a paid premium subscriber for years... but it is a lack of a roadmap/ETA and a lack of CRUCIAL note-taking features in the native Windows and Android clients (mostly all the missing features in the Windows client, but a lack of presentation feature in Android is a big one also) that ARE provided to Mac and iOS users, and have been for a LONG TIME, without any equivalent for me on my platforms... this is pretty much gotten me looking for a different paid service for me to migrate all my notes (and monthly subscription fees) to. In the meantime, I'm moving back toward using OneNote again, since I get it for free with Office, and because it has a lot of the features I've been waiting for going on a DECADE for Evernote to implement. It doesn't matter whether or not you are a longtime paying customer, or whether you use the free service - as they've outright stated in interviews online, they aren't designing for us, they're designing for THEMSELVES.
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