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  1. Links within a note is very usefull feature
  2. This was working fine before. Also, if has problem the Evernote with this must return zero notes and no two.
  3. For example: I have 45 notes with tag "eBook - Javascript" but when I choose from a note "Filter by tag"", evernote return only 2 notes. This is a bug.
  4. Not for me. I upgraded in the last version of evernote, but still I have the same problem.
  5. Yes, but the problem is this tag has only 10 notes and evernote shows only 1-2 notes.
  6. The problem isn't at search field but when I choice a tag from menu Tags, Evernote doesn't return all notes that has this tag
  7. When I choice a tag from menu like filter, evernote found only the last note and not all. When I search like that "tag:name of tag", evernote return all the notes that have that tag. Additional, when I do this from "evernote web", all working right
  8. Log in with your browser at www.evernote.com and check if you see your data
  9. The very good option ""Purge rarely viewed note content"" will come back or we lost it and this choice with "NEW" evernote?
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