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  1. After some kind of search, I often (but not consistently) get some version of "Note can't be displayed", usually an icon but sometimes an icon with text saying the document might have moved. This would appear to leave me at a dead end. But I found that the note can be displayed by simply changing the editor using the lower right hand corner button. Evernote warns about falling back to the old editor, but doing so actually displays the note. Oddly, if a note can't be displayed while the old editor is active, switching to the new editor displays the note. I deduce that this doesn't have anything to do with the choice of editor, but that the act of changing editors kicks something loose in Evernote. This has been a lifesaver for me and hope it helps someone else.
  2. Maybe more of us should pipe up! Yes, Ctrl Q is broken on Web version in 10.19. Also, Windows version seems to allow Ctrl Q only sometimes. I would hope that, prior to release, there would be some regression testing to make sure the new release didn't break anything. Of course, they can't test everything, but checking that all the keyboard shortcuts work would seem to be a bare minimum. At least one (Ctrl+2) has been broken for months.
  3. Amazingly, I checked in again and the search results were now correct. I'm almost positive that the original problem appeared after adding and deleting tags and using multiple systems. Delayed responses to tag updates seem to happen a lot, but 48 hours is incredible. Will I get some kind of prize? I'm returning to the current Web release, but with a watchfulness for incorrect search results.
  4. This problem doesn't appear on PC version of Evernote and may be unique to Web.
  5. With the latest Web version, a simple search on a single tag identifies the correct number of notes but includes note that do not have the tag and omits notes that do have the tag. This is not a simple synchronization lag - the changes to tags were made hours before the search. Dropping back to the previous Evernote Web gives the correct results, so the database is correct. Haven't cross-checked with PC version yet, but unreliable search results make the current Web release a no-go zone for me.
  6. Sorry I wasn't more clear. In the PC app, we have a choice of views (as @PinkElephant noted) while on the Web version you have no choice. When I run the Web version on a PC, the default layout is snippet mode (as described by @ehrt74). But on my Chromebook, I'm seeing the top list view, which is one of the options on the Windows app. This does not use the second column. Instead, the large pane is split vertically, with the search results in a list in the top portion of the pane and the note itself in the bottom portion of the pane. (This is the default format that older versions of Evernote Web used to use). But, just like in the Web on PC, I cannot choose the display form. The strange thing is that the default (and only option) is different on my Chromebook.
  7. I see that on a Chromebook the note list is shown in top list form, while running on a PC browser, the note list is in snippet form. This seems extremely odd. Can someone confirm that they also get top list form on a Chromebook? Or not? I'm trying to see if I have some kind of local problem or if this is really what Evernote is doing.
  8. I don't know if it ever was announced except on Windows. I switch between Windows and Chromebook a lot and I mistakenly used the Windows shortcut on Chromebook - and they (mostly) worked. Ctrl+number goes to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. shortcut (except Ctrl+2 which seems broken). Ctrl+Alt+2 should go to "All Notes" and Ctrl+Alt+5 goes to notebooks shared with you (I think).
  9. I'm finding the recent introduction of the Ctrl+number and Ctrl+Alt+number keyboard shortcuts extremely useful, greatly improving the Evernote Web experience. But for some reason, both Ctrl+2 and Ctrl+Alt+2 (notes) don't do anything on my Chromebook, even though they work fine under Chrome running under Windows. I've submitted a trouble report, but in the meanwhile, it would be good to know if other Chromebook users see this problem or whether it's unique to my particular system.
  10. Similar, except I see creation date of Dec 31, 1969.
  11. This is an extremely serious matter. If the new EN can't assure zero exposure of encrypted information, it's useless to anyone working with sensitive data.
  12. I was frustrated by this too, but there is an easy workaround. Create a saved search that merely searches for the tag, then put the saved search into shortcuts.
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