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  1. Guys - I turned off "smart" filing and now clip straight to an "inbox" folder, which I clear out every day. If it put it back on, will it actually learn? Is there some kind of network AI, or was that as "smart" as it's going to get?
  2. Nimbus Notes has basic calculations, percentage completed and so on in their tables. I find even a small table with no calculations slows down the page loading, but others might be OK with it. EN is much snappier, and also allows image embedding in tables. I feel it's horses for courses here, and EN's tables suit my use case better.
  3. Also 100% agree! The tasks home screen widget is pretty underpowered as well. Since tasks are part of the "new" Evernote; we can at least hope they've got something better lined up and this is just a proof of concept.
  4. Web user here - the app link would actually better for the web too, otherwise there are soon half a dozen windows open. What I have to do each time I drag in a note is: click the link, get the app link in the new window, close the window, Ctrl K the link on the original note and insert the copied app link. It's not something I do often.... What is the use case for the web link, anyway?
  5. 100% agree. I returned to EN a few weeks ago and am loving it - chromebook user, so web only. I signed up around 2011/12. Can't remember why I ditched. I joined the forum hoping to learn from others' example workflows, etc. I'm a writer / researcher / project manager also doing a postgrad part-time and EN offers a strong notes workflow which is rooted in note content: not links between notes, as is the vogue today. I think how the new features are sat "on top of" the old EN model is very cunning. With the filtered notes widget in particular, the "home screen" is a powerhouse for me. I'd love to see multiple swappable "homes". I'm not blind to the flaws, and I understand why so many here are furious. I have long-standing pro accounts with Notejoy and Nimbus, both solid apps. In just a few weeks I've seen bugs in EN that've made my head melt, and have raised many here and with support. Also, I can't believe EN doesn't yet have many basic web app features, like a back button menu. It feels like EN have a clear vision, but have flubbed the balancing act with the old pros. Nevertheless, I'd still just like to learn more about other user's workflows ...
  6. BOOX NOVA 3 user here! Due to the inevitable screen lag and ghosting of eink screens, I can only get along with that old warhorse Simplenote and a new-ish KEEP=like app; Bundled. Both of these have web clients for your desktop and work pretty much lag free. Another option might be to look at using interactive pdfs with the pen. The ONYX BOOX user groups on Reddit and Facebook have loads of free templates. And always worth checking out Voja's guides, if you don't know them already.
  7. Don't worry! Ten minutes everyday tidying the shed and leaving it ready to use - even if the shed isn't as tidy as you'd like - is better than an hour dragging everything out and leaving things in a muddle. I feel what works best is to always aim for the minimum structure you can get away with to do what you need to do. There's been a debate over organisation around folders (in EN; notebooks and stacks) and tags almost since the very first item was indented in the very first outliner. @DTLow is a noted "taggist"; but here I think he is right. Using search to find notes when you need them is more useful and much less stressful than creating and maintaining an elaborate hierarchical notebook structure. You can then tag those notes, save the search, etc, as and when you need to.
  8. Can confirm (although on web; professional plan; for me) Suggest OP raises a support ticket. My calendar widget has been cycling, cycling and then showing a blank agenda for a few hours now. Really busy with work atm, but when I get home tonight I'll try clearing the caches and reloading. If it's still missing I'll raise a ticket. And @gazumped I'll keep you up with all the deets!
  9. O.M.G. why did I not see that? Now I need to completely change my task note structure.....
  10. Nimbus Notes has a great automatic table of contents feature, and is similar to Evernote in many respects. It's worth a look if long documents are your thing. Evernote is more "shrimp-y" as @DTLow says; it's a better place to work with building blocks of articles and proposals, research, etc, which is what I need. Collapsible bullets would be a help, tho.
  11. The thread where Evernote became Everquote.
  12. Upvoted! A something like a filtered note widget that pulls out tasks from certain notebooks and stacks would be super useful.
  13. Upvoted! This would make EN a central place for flowchart / mind map notes. I've never understood why EN is such a great environment for storing and annotating pdfs, etc, but the sketch tool is so sparse and barren.
  14. Sounds legit! It does look like a feature - trying to correct something it thinks is wrong - rather than an actual bug. My theory is it has something to do with merging cells in multiple directions. In Nicksomename's video - this is getting like Goal of the Week now - you can see he's used both vertically and horizontally merged cells. I've stuck to simple tables since and had no problems, but it's a very trippy bug when it happens.
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