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  1. So I read just today that the new Chromebooks - the Samsung ones at least - will have Wunderlist Pro pre-installed as standard. (see my post above) Shame, cos so clunky compared to EN, but there you go. http://www.chromestory.com/2014/03/free-goodies-with-samsung-chromebook-2/
  2. +1 for this! Workflowy, Keep and Wunderlist all run offline perfectly on Chromebook, as well as Google Drive (selectively) Totally agree it would be wrong to expect a full sync, but need to be able to start new notes and view / edit "starred" ones. Evernote is on hiatus with me until some kind of limited offline capability surfaces: Chromebook platforms means that much to me now! Evernote developed a client for Samsung's watch, so size of user base won't be the only criteria.
  3. Google junkies - combined Android and Chrome users - may get mileage out of Connected Mind, which is an app that runs on both. Integration cross platform is great. I use it to pop a screengrab of a topic I've mapped into Evernote. Google Play link is here
  4. I'm mystified by some of the reasoning in this thread. And I'm not a fanatic, I'm a grumpy old-skool freeware type. But even I pay for Evernote. It's a service. There are so many apps that allow you to sync files for free between android and 'the cloud' (dropbox, google) why not use one of those? I use Droidedit on Android and Writebox on Chrome to work in .txt files, for example, cos I don't like Evernote as a writing environment. Evernote's usage is effectively free, I just can't see them ever offering you more than that. Really.
  5. +1 for me. Evernote team needs to address this, otherwise there will come a time when I, and many others, I'm sure, will migrate from Evernote as our tablets fill up with offline notebooks. Not good.
  6. Hi - when I use Evernote to take a picture for a note, it sends me to the camera app and lets me take as many snaps as I like... but none of them will be sent to the note. I have to manually attach them. This happens with all of the widget buttons, as well as via the app. I have an ASUS Transformer tablet, and this feature works fine.
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