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  1. Similar, except I see creation date of Dec 31, 1969.
  2. This is an extremely serious matter. If the new EN can't assure zero exposure of encrypted information, it's useless to anyone working with sensitive data.
  3. I was frustrated by this too, but there is an easy workaround. Create a saved search that merely searches for the tag, then put the saved search into shortcuts.
  4. If I select multiple paragraphs of text in a note and then click the "italics" button, only the last portion of the text shows up as italicized. This is on current general release Chromebook.
  5. Ever since switching to Chrome Beta, updating a note sometimes produces a new note of the same name and updated contents. Not sure Beta is the culprit - I am also updating with latest Windows and Android versions, both of which recently updated. However, the combination of these three implementations have a problem. Fortunately, no data is lost, but it is a trap for the unwary.
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