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  1. If I select multiple paragraphs of text in a note and then click the "italics" button, only the last portion of the text shows up as italicized. This is on current general release Chromebook.
  2. Ever since switching to Chrome Beta, updating a note sometimes produces a new note of the same name and updated contents. Not sure Beta is the culprit - I am also updating with latest Windows and Android versions, both of which recently updated. However, the combination of these three implementations have a problem. Fortunately, no data is lost, but it is a trap for the unwary.
  3. Glad to be of help. The "workaround" you mention might want to be the standard approach since there are numerous advisories lately recommending disabling Flash due to security and performance issues. They say the performance hit from enabling Flash is truly astounding and the history of security glitches is legendary. Perhaps not the best dependency for a product (re)launch, although today I suspect most Evernote users have Flash enabled and won't notice. But if the Flash disabling idea spreads, it will increasingly look like Evernote Web is broken. I'd expect this to show up first in your business users who have some kind of IT function and may be more aware of the Flash problems. Good luck!
  4. Clearing data cache does not help. The "see it while reloading and then it disappears" seems to occur on every note I look at, regardless of how I navigate to the note (shortcuts, searches, etc.) - This is happening on a Chromebook with the latest general OS release.
  5. If I reload the note page, I see it briefly, but it disappears once the note has fully loaded. I will try clearing browser cache to see if that helps.
  6. Where is this "..." menu at the top of each note (the one containing the long awaited copy link function)? Nothing of the sort actually is visible.
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