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  1. It is working now. Did the 2021-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 and a reboot. Maybe I just needed a reboot after installing the new client.
  2. I just installed the new version. I am unable to move a note to a folder in the manner I used in previous version. See attached screenshot: Note is opened with recent notes in the sidebar I can't seem to use the mouse to highlight the folder name ("inbox") circled in red order to click on the little icon that indicates I want to move the note to another folder. If I'm careful, I can place mouse on the current folder name to display the text in the bubble, "Go to notebook," along with that little icon but as soon as I try to move the mouse to that little icon it disappears. I can use "..."-> "Move..." to move the note to a different folder. I can open the note in a new window and from that window the step 2 works as usual. It just doesn't work from main window of client.
  3. I'm still having this on Samsung Note20 with v10.16 It's broader than Shane's retitle of "editing". I can't even view a long note. I scroll down to try to get to the end and the note closes. I do not start the note editor; just view and scroll. Can't even get close to the bottom. It's useless.
  4. Just got my notice that Google Calendar integration is available, gave it a try, and am having trouble. When the V10.17.6 client started my Home screen has the Calendar widget and I see an entry for today. I change the widget settings from the default timeline to list view. Still see the entry. I open a note from the Notes widget and edit it. Close the note. The Home screen appears and now the calendar widget has no entries for today or any day. I try switching to timeline view. Still empty. It's as if the integration worked initially but as soon as I edited a note the integration is severed.
  5. Print to a PDF does not work in dark mode for me. No text appears in the PDF. I've reported this during betas, using feedback surveys, and forum posts. Will try here as well.
  6. I have a Fujitsu iX500 scanning to Evernote V10.13.5 on Windows 10 using ScanSnap Home V2.0.31.1. It uses ScanSnap Cloud Services to make the connection to Evernote. I have it configured to add all scanned documents to my Evernote InBox folder. I just setup a ScanSnap Home profile to do a scan directly to Evernote but it goes to the Legacy Evernote. There doesn't seem to be a way to have it send the scanned document to Evernote V10. I was surprised this worked at all. I thought Evernote had dropped all support for iX500 scanning directly to a Windows EN client (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024050514-Update-your-ScanSnap-Evernote-Edition-scanner and, yep, I had the Evernote Edition of the iX500) ScanSnap Home and Cloud Services works OK for me with EN V10. I'll stick with it.
  7. Was just required to renew my login to Firefox Web Clipper. The window asking me to enter my authenticator code told me to use my Google Authenticator code. I've switched to Authy so this seemed odd. Tried a Google code and it failed. Tried my Authy code and it worked. The text for the box should either say "enter authenticator code" or enter <Auth App> code" with the correct <Auth App>. This is just a wording change. Everything worked fine.
  8. I switch to light mode, print the PDF, and then switch back to dark mode. That works for me.
  9. @Mike P, I hadn't.... Thanks. That was all I needed. (Palm hitting forehead) I had been clicking around the area for the format bar but not inside the note.
  10. UPDATE: I just needed to click inside the note. I just downloaded and installed 10.9.10-win-ddl-public (2439). What happened to the insert menu and menu bar at the top of note? I can't find any way to bring it back. Is there something obvious with the new release that I'm missing? See attached screen shot.
  11. @AdmiralP Odd. I'm running exact version you are. Just tried again on a new note and still can't create a non-bulleted line. Thanks for checking.
  12. I am unable to print a table as a PDF while in dark mode: Client using dark mode Create a table with default color of text. Table looks fine in the note editor. (see Editor.jpg) Print it as a PDF using either Microsoft or Adobe PDF print driver The text inside the table is blank. Only the table outline appears. Text for the title and any text outside the table appear as expected. (see either Dark mode screenshot.jpg or Test note - dark mode (Adobe).pdf) If, after creating the table and before printing, I switch to light mode: The note prints as expected with all text, inside and outside the table, shown. (See either Light mode screenshot.jpg or Test note - light mode (Adobe).pdf) Note that the color of the text differs when printing in light mode and dark mode. It's a gray with dark mode and black with light mode. Seems like they should produce identical color text. PS. What is this message about 'image fairies'? I don't understand it: wait a few seconds? wait a few years? Saw it today for the first time. (See Warning message.jpg) Test note - dark mode (Adobe).pdf Test note - light mode (Adobe).pdf
  13. In legacy client, I could create a bullet list and every press of Enter created a new bullet. If I used Shift+Enter, I would start a new line in the list without a bullet. I am unable to do this with the current client. The note editor does not give special treatment to Shift+Enter. It treats it the same as Enter and gives me a new bullet. Other testing: I plugged in a different keyboard and the problem still occurs. Started up my legacy client and I am able to use Shift+Enter as expected. I do notice that under the v10 client when cursor is positioned at an empty bullet line and I press Shift+Enter it looks like the editor does a space and then a return. For an instant, I see the cursor bump to the right and then jump down to the new bullet. In the legacy client, the cursor doesn't do that bump to the right; cursor just drops down a line.
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