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  1. Hi, using evernote in Firefox (v83) has a bug: Clicking in the Search Dialog, the Search Function opens and closes after one second. It is difficult to type the search in one second ;-). With Chrome it works without problems.
  2. In my view, it is a functionality that was there in previous and other clients and is missing on the relaunch of the web client. To be honest, I don't know how I added them. It seems that there isn't a way to add them to the Shortcut list in the iOS client. Now, I think, perhaps it's a deprecated functionality. 😞 I use it very often. Evernote is my GTD and TODO list. Having tags like "Next" and "Due" on my shortcut list is one of my most frequents usages of evernote. 😕
  3. I have some tags that are particularly relevant for me ("Due", "Next"). In the old webclient and the iOS version, it's possible to set and view tags in your favorites. With the new webclient this option seems to be missing. Favorite tags (still visible in the iOS version) are not displayed at "favorites", at "tags" I see no possibility to make them to "favorite tags". Will this feature appear later? (Appart from that, I find the new design very functional.)
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