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  1. Any hope for code syntax highlighting in the code block anytime soon? Half-baked workarounds aren't really cutting it anymore. I don't want to try some other product because I keep coming back to Evernote because the rest of the apps out there are downright awful. But at this point, syntax highlighting is becoming very important, and I'm just hoping you guys are at least working on it. 

  2. Correct Correct We are working to make tables scroll sideways on all devices, but there will be a period where some devices will still have the existing, non-sideways-scrolling, tables behavior.
  3. Thanks for reporting this -- when the table was first displayed on the phone, the columns should have been correctly sized relative to one another, like they were on Windows, but the table total width should have matched the note width.
  4. You will not have to manually fix them -- unless you edited and saved the note while it was displaying the squished tables. And correct, the bug fix is that it should not happen to new or existing tables. (I'm not sure what you mean by "fixed tables")
  5. If you edited a note with squished tables on iOS, then it will not be fixed automatically. There are no other cases that I am aware of where the tables will not be fixed. If you have some notes with squished tables on 8.2.2, please send them to me or support, and I will take a look.
  6. Can you send me this ENEX? Also, "PC" means Evernote for Windows, correct? Or does it mean the web client on a Windows PC?
  7. Thanks for mentioning this. Can you provide an ENEX file where simplify formatting removes returns, or point me to another thread where you provided one? Also, can you clarify what you expect to happen when you choose "simplify formatting"? It is supposed to adjust the underlying HTML of the note in such a way that it makes it more predictable and well-behaved while editing. For some complex notes, it is difficult to simplify it in such a way that accomplishes both (1) the exact same rendered look and feel of the note and (2) a predictable and well-behaved editing experience. For example, if you copy the entire yahoo homepage or the ny times homepage and paste it into a note, it will have a quirky editing experience because of the heavy complexity of the underlying HTML. However, if you simplify it, it will be more well-behaved, but the look and feel of the note will have changed. In other words, are you expecting "simplify formatting" to have no effect at all on the way the note renders?
  8. I think this one has been there for a while -- can you confirm it did not exist in earlier versions? Also, I'm curious what context menu option you were planning to use on that email header?
  9. Thanks for finding this. I think it only happens when your mouse is over the image while you are typing, correct?
  10. Oh I understand now. I will see if we can reproduce in the latest internal builds. If so, the fix will not be in 6.6 Beta 2, but the following Beta 3
  11. It is a display thing, unless you save and sync the note, then it will persist the problem. If you are still seeing this issue, please provide a sample ENEX file and we can determine what is going on and fix it. This is a very high priority issue and I am really interested in any examples that can be provided.
  12. Pete can you give some ENEX files so I can test? We should not be touching any tables in web clips, emails, and several other note characteristics that we check for.
  13. Thanks for the update. It sounds like a Postbox issue, but we'll continue to investigate on our end.
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