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  1. Hey Evernote Team, Could you please let me know if this issue will be fixed? I would appreciate a response either way. Thanks, Chad A (Also, I wrote a patent pending program that would put Evernote years ahead of the current notes industry, as well as bring in potential billions from paid customers. I would like to pitch it to CEO, Chris O'Neill. Please message me if this is possible. I have a slide deck and patent information available).
  2. Hey Evernote Team, I was just wondering if you guys were going to fix the line spacing inconsistencies? Thanks, Chad A
  3. @gazumped thanks for the reply. You won't be able to see it on your browser or app just by looking. You would have to create a new line on web and then on mobile to see the difference. Evernote employees will be able to see the difference in their system. It has to do with using <div> and <p> within notes. They had the same issue last year (linked above) and they did fix it so I'm hoping they will again. About contacting the CEO, trust me I tried literally every angle. It's so hard to get in touch with him so I figured I'll just plug in there because Evernote employees do look
  4. Hi there, We had a very similar issue to this last year (in May): https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105495-ios-82-does-not-display-double-line-spacing-format/ Usually, the line spacing in Web is preserved in mobile. However, if you create a new line in mobile, the line spacing is compromised. I have created a note to demonstrate the issue: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s520/sh/03a47b03-1aea-429f-bbb9-7d650a762e51/487e4ffab1bc475c360b6c026d7246a4 You will see that creating a new line in iOS is not consistent with creating a new line in the Web version. Please let m
  5. Hey @Shane D., I would like to get a developer token too. I reached out via DM a couple days ago. Please contact me as well ?
  6. Hey @Johnathan Hebert, I understand. It was my mistake for waiting this long. If something goes wrong in the future, I won't expect a quick fix. In fact, I don't think I'll help at all. I'll just move platforms. So far, being loyal to Evernote and helping identify issues, document bugs and provide feedback has gotten me absolutely nothing in return. I even have a ground breaking system to automate notes - which would be an immediate product (way better than just the machine learning approach) that I would love to work with you guys on. However, it's just really demoralizing to support Eve
  7. Hey @Johnathan Hebert, I'm glad to hear that the fix will be included. When would the 8.2.2 release be coming out? Roughly, I would like to have an idea. I won't hold you to it. And, yes, you are understanding correctly. When the extra line gets added in the mobile app, it changes the formatting across all devices - specifically the web version. So, I would be changing the way my notes are spaced permanently. Even if I reformatted the notes, the conflicting formatting would change it again the next time I used the mobile app. Now, I could just get used to the single spacing only.
  8. If anyone else uses paragraph spacing in their notes, and has their line spacing broken as of April 10th, please post in this thread so they can escalate the issue. For the past 45 days, Evernote does not have consistent line spacing across all devices:
  9. Hey @Johnathan Hebert, On April 28th, we had talked about getting this fix included in the next update. Since then it's been 27 days. If I knew it would take this long, I would have just re-written my script or moved platforms. Even on May 15th (10 days ago), I was under the impression that this fix is being worked on. Can you give me a realistic expectation of when to expect a fix? My business depends on my productivity and I have been so very patient. If it will not been done soon (this week or early next), can you please tell me? This way, I can find the time to make adjustments o
  10. Hi @Johnathan Hebert, the iOS release is my primary concern. So not too worried about desktop versions because there is an alternative. For iOS, there's no alternative. If it was just a few extra days, I can manage. But, another week or two is really rough. Please try to include this in 8.2.2. I hope it comes out soon.
  11. This is correct. It should maintain the double spacing between paragraphs (not within the paragraphs). This would be consistent with the Web version. I have kept the "Evernote Test 1" note live just in case you need it. In that note, there is double spacing between paragraphs, requiring you to press enter to create a new paragraph.
  12. Hey @Johnathan Hebert, It's been about 2 weeks since we had talked about resolving the line spacing conflicts. Do you have a timeline or general time-frame when this will be fixed? The issue is halting my workflow. I would really like to know how much longer I need to hold out for. It's been over a month (since April 10th) that the issue has remained. I literally haven't used the mobile app for 35 days. Please give me an idea of when to expect the next release. Thank You, Chad
  13. I know what you're talking about. It's happened to me. Try not to make any changes so it doesn't sync back to your other devices like that. Try using the web version in the meantime. For me, I realized it happened when the note didn't load properly. However, if it is a line spacing issue. The problem was identified and should be fixed in the next release:
  14. Hey Johnathan, Thanks so much for sharing this internally. I know it will change the way notes are taken and makes anyone more productive, combining notes, logging, reminders, tasks and time management. I can be reached at ChadCEO@outlook.com if anyone wants my direct contact. I appreciate you saying that and making the effort. It would be a total game changer. Also, sounds good for the upcoming update. You had said Mac release. Did you mean in the upcoming iOS release? The issue is with the compatibility for iPhone / Web platforms. Thank You, Chad
  15. Hey @Johnathan Hebert, I just wanted to know if you saw my last post. Do you have an idea of when a solution might be released? Secondly, can you direct me to the right person about my Automated Notes script that completely changes how people take notes? Thank You, Chad
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