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  1. Hi! Suddenly one day Evernote starts to paste my text with formatting. Has anyone else noticed this? I went through all the options but I couldn't find a way to disable it.
  2. Hi! As I understand from using Evernote and this discussion, Evernote does not sync on save/close and does not support Push. This means I have to press F9 or sync manually every time I edit or create a note. Why? Because I never know when I'll switch from my Android phone to my PC. I could also use the 15 minute sync option, but this uses battery and I still would have to sync manually if I needed a note synced right away. So therefore I ask are Evernote working on sync immediately on save/close and a Push service for Android and PC? That way Evernote would work just like OneNote does today, and I wouldn't need to see the Synchronization Complete notice every 15 minutes. Could this be a Premium feature, or would it cost even more to implement? http://jooh.no/web/Evernote_saves_but_doesn't_sync_2014-05-01-17-49-54.png
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