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  1. DarkUltra's post in Pressing back button while editing a note the app exits was marked as the answer   
    I switched to OneNote.
    Good things:
    It is free and back button works as expected. It also simply shows me a list of recent notes, with vertical scrolling. Yum. And OneNote  opens much faster, and much faster opening the notes themselves.
    It also remembers where I was in the notes.
    Bad things:
    Selection cursor is old. No magnifying lens on moving the selection cursor. And it takes one second to move said cursor to another place.
    No recycle bin.
    Scrolling notes can easily make them bounce around.
    Microsoft is a company that has done many bad things in the past.
    Oh and back button in Evernote works as expected now, but I'm sticking to OneNote
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