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  1. Hi Folks Using the MAC app "Highlights" http://highlightsapp.net I export highlighted sections of PDF's to Evernote. Oddly this action launches Parallels - Evernote Windows and pastes there. Any idea how to set my MAC Evernote as the default? (The app does not offer this option.) My thanks ~Peter
  2. I stuck it out with your price increase. But this is beyond the pale and I am done.
  3. I've heard of people recording university lectures and I am intrigued. Being profoundly hearing impaired I struggle with video free Telecon meetings. Has anyone had any success using Evernote's dictation to capture phone audio? I am also considering a more specialized app such as Naunce Dragon Anywhere. My thanks P
  4. You can create notes in EN or double click on inserted files to edit outside of EN. EN will not directly edit word files however. IMHO - Plain text files are the way to go for cross editing.
  5. Thanks Mitch. The common tag idea is a good one and I will adopt it. I wander from Ulysses to Scrivener depending on complexity of document. I find long docs with a lot of research works best in scrivener. Ulysses is my preference rowing to its superior cross device functionality.
  6. Good advice - I will give it a try. I tend to use Papers 3 for my PDF's. I'm in healthcare and they rain in non stop so management is .... a challenge.
  7. Thanks for the note. I tried Page out. Pages isn't bad as you can easily display the tex within EN. Ulysses imports as an attachment which is a bore.
  8. I use EN on Windows and OS X. I find the EN text editor insufficient. What text editors do you use to compose text outside of Evernote? FWIW I am currently using Ulysses (OS X) to compose then shoot to EN.
  9. Thanks very much. Classic in app would make most sense I figure. ~P
  10. Is there a way to insert a EN link to a specific note into my calendar? Perhaps email to myself? Oftentimes meetings flow from one to the next to the next and being able to call up the relevant note would help. I am not trying to share the note with other. I use EN OS X - IOS - Win 10 thanks! ~P
  11. Hi Ed

    You wrote "advanced note taking/keeping when you consider the features"

    Serious question - what is advanced about EN note taking? Tags? Or? 



    Vancouver BC

    1. EdH


      Mostly the tagging and advanced search capabilities. It isn't a rich text environment like Word or OneNote. It supports fonts and outlines, but not much more. 

      OneNote supports keyword search, but that is about it. You cannot search by multiple tags, or exclude tags, or tell it to only search in a specific notebook, or exclude a notebook from the search. And OneNote won't OCR your PDF/Image files unless you do a hokey "insert as printout" command which renders PDFs as images in your files.

    2. pcryan5


      Thank you very much for taking the time. Good points - esp. (For me) You cannot search by multiple tags, or exclude tags,

      Have a good week.


      Vancouver BC

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