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  1. Must be your version. I got “Paul is dead”.
  2. Reminds me of the old IBM joke Three women were talking about their husbands and their love making, and the first one says, "My husband is an athlete and when he makes love to me, he is so powerful that I am swept up in his body, and it's wonderful" The second woman says, "My husband is a violinist, and when we make love, he knows how to play me like I'm a fine musical instrument, and it's overwhelming and beautiful" The third woman says, "My husband is a salesman for IBM, and he doesn't actually make love to me, he just sits on the edge of the bed and tells me how good it's going to be when I finally get it."
  3. Of possible interest to folks Setting up Notion for Academic collaboration This site has died down dramatically over the last years but I value every (rare) post.
  4. Boy prices sure are higher for EN in the UK. Must be a Brexit thing.
  5. jmshrrsn commented - I looked at Devonthink and found it to be nonsensical. Note taking is meant to be just that, I'm a hard core Devonthink fan and agree with you. For myself DT is a Swiss army like tool that I use to store tons of content from all over. Its part tool and part hobby which most user don't want in their apps. However - If someone asked for a notebook recommendation - DT wouldn't make the list.
  6. FWIW - I use and like Devonthink 3.
  7. I am on Mac legacy Version 7.14.1 (458325 Direct) with auto updates disabled. Seems fine to me. I was not that traumatized by the new release as EN is not my core app as it is for many. I found the new version stable but visually distracting. Legacy works fine for me.
  8. >However is no longer happening and support is no longer available if you use an older version. Have you tried having 10 and Evernote Classic installed? it might sync to 10 and then you open via Classic
  9. I’m not having any technical issues using Mac 11.1 and EN V 10.6.9. (IMac 16GB) What are you encountering? thanks!
  10. Not disagreeing. One hard lesson (boy I'm old) 45+ years in computers taught me is trust no one with your data. The list of computers that simply disappeared overnight is endless. I remember this infamous finger to users from Circus Ponies "If you need a copy of NoteBook 4.0 (3.x and earlier don’t run on OS X El Capitan) or need technical support, you can try sending an e-mail to support@circusponies.com. There’s a chance someone will respond but no guarantees."
  11. Thanks very much for the note. I must say I’m glad to come back and discover folks aren’t arguing about the infamous price increase anymore. 😆
  12. => Riggar Sorry for the lame question - what version do YOU prefer and what version do you hate? I’ve been off Evernote for the last year due to illness and trying to figure out what version to go forward with. thanks!
  13. Hi Folks Using the MAC app "Highlights" http://highlightsapp.net I export highlighted sections of PDF's to Evernote. Oddly this action launches Parallels - Evernote Windows and pastes there. Any idea how to set my MAC Evernote as the default? (The app does not offer this option.) My thanks ~Peter
  14. I stuck it out with your price increase. But this is beyond the pale and I am done.
  15. I've heard of people recording university lectures and I am intrigued. Being profoundly hearing impaired I struggle with video free Telecon meetings. Has anyone had any success using Evernote's dictation to capture phone audio? I am also considering a more specialized app such as Naunce Dragon Anywhere. My thanks P
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