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  1. Right now I add a series of notes I want to merge and tag them with reminders so that when I sit down at my computer I'll remember to merge them. I really would like to see a merge-notes capability in the iOS version — not just for iPad!
  2. Agree. Right now I add all of the actionable items from all of my reminder notes into one "to-do" note that I check daily. I would love a task list in iOS
  3. I totally agree! Even if we had to use the hashtag method we use when emailing into EN. But I have yet to figure out how to add more than one tag, so whatever they develop needs the ability to add multiple tags.
  4. So I have been using Moleskine Evernote Notebooks for over a year now. During that time I changed positions within my company. So now I find I want to use my stickers for new notebooks and topics compared to my old ones. What will happen when I redefine/reallocate the stickers? Will the notes that were previously assigned notebooks and tags based on stickers be changed?
  5. I use Evernote Web at work. Is the toggle feature only available in the downloaded version for Windows? I haven't seen it in Moc OS or iOS.
  6. (gbarry) i would love to be able to select all/deselect all for the checkboxes in my lists that I reuse over and over (groceries, packing, travelling, camping, and so on) i would also like to be able to toggle off and on the images in a note, maybe even the formatting! So for those that use lots of images in their lists, you toggle off images in notes, and you are left with the same list taking up considerably less room. Toggling back on the images allows better description between work chat, while shopping, printing, etc. *shameless plug i love Evernote and use it everyday! It's always open in my workplace, even though my department uses a different collaboration tool/file manager. It's my digital brain for coordinating events at home, at work and everywhere in between. It is my emergency information notebook when I take my kids anywhere, leaving their health/insurance cards with mom, means I always have the digital copy or image as backup. Who do you think presents the data more, the one who always has access to Evernote, or the one that forgets the cards at home?
  7. I recently purchased an Evernote Moleskine notebook and I am happy with it. The document camera used with my iphone 5 works fine and the notebooks and tags I have customized with the stickers to expedite filing. My one issue with the design is that I cannot select the text in the images to copy and paste elsewhere. If the OCR works to search, cannot it not be manipulated so that I can select text within the (picture) note to update or copy elsewhere? I use my notebook at work where I take considerable notes but I cannot have electronic devices. After work I upload images using my iphone 5. When I return to work I attempted to select text in my notes to use elsewhere. Does this capability exist? On a different but similar topic, can Evernote be used, or will the OCR function eventually recognize checklist items?
  8. I was thinking the other day how handy it would be to have a "penultimate-style" feature in my evernote app that let me have a blank canvas to quickly draw or write something on my iPhone. It wouldn't need all of the features of Penultimate, just the simplistic ability to "draw a picture" or "Scribble a note or idea". Thoughts?
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