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  1. Oh my first love is Evernote, but I cannot review and highlight PDFs with the same accuracy as I can with Adobe. Typically, I have to copy or save the PDF in Adobe, and then uploaded or return my edited copy to EN – Cumbersome and not desirable. As for Onenote (sigh) I do appreciate the ability to annotate the in-line PDF much easier than the open/annotate in Skitch function in EN. And the editing features in EN are silly. There should be serious consideration of developing LiquidText features! That would be a huge step forward for EN.
  2. Yes but I am having several issues with the widget lately where it says it can’t load. And I didn’t see audio as a widget option. I use audio more that anything as I will want into a meeting and just turn it on so that I’m not frantically taking notes by hand or typing.
  3. I mean to be able to 3D touch the icon on the home screen WITHOUT opening the app. I want to unlock my phone, 3d press my EN icon and have "new audio" and "new list(checkbox)" as the options to the present - new note/take photo/set reminder/search/share EN
  4. I too will say I have been seein changes over the last number of versions. But with an iPhone 6S Plus I have 4 actions/icons (note, audio, camera, photo), does anyone else have this now? I would rather see these rlfeatures transferred to the 3D Touch on the app icon than change them in the app itself.
  5. @brettmansdorf I cannot duplicate this syncing problem in 6.13.3. I just did a test on my late-2011 MacBook Pro i5 16gb ram 512 SSD and it didn't sync when I did a search for my wife's name (as PENN isn't in many of my notes) and it almost instantly returned 164 results (that were applicable). I would state that I find the search on the iOS version (8.9.3) to mirror the MAC OS issues that you are reporting. When I search on my iPhone I will spend the next 30s watching the list populate painfully slow. I always blamed my internet connection. I would add that using the same keyword search, or even using a saved search, returns a different number of results between iOS and MAC OS...very odd.
  6. I would really appreciate the ability to "set" Tables of Contents to update automatically with new notes added to the notebook, and the ability to PIN the Table of Contents to the "top" of the Notebook.
  7. That you for your post. This is certianly my top issue that I would like seen updated in EN. Every other feature is suitable for me (for work, school, and home) and my family, but I cannot live with annotating pdf's in EN. I store PDFs that I edited in other applications, such as Adobe, then have to reattach them to have efective edits and notes that don't look like they are for kindergarden instruction. I used Skitch functions for editing images I would send to people, but the pdf annotation in EN is a joke.
  8. I am unable to duplicate this issue on my MacBook using EN for MacOS. Could you be more specific on where the original text came from, did you paste it into a note, or did you type it? And are you pasting it into a new note, or are you using another application?
  9. I don't agree with the need for this. My family all have Evernote where I am the only (self-proclaimed) power user. I am a premium user while my family are all basic users. I share notebooks and notes with them as appropriate. The way I have my notebooks setup, I share family-related notebooks with my wife and specific notes with others.
  10. I can account for almost every duplicate note I have had to the very strong likelihood that I had a poor internet connection at the time I was editing the note.
  11. First - Don't Panic! I've had this happen several times before. I would suggest: 1. Open EN on another device and see if the note it there. I will go from my iPad to my MacBook or to my iPhone and find the information is still in the note. 9Solves the problem for me 90% of the time) 2. If you are using EN web, open a new browser or restart your existing session and login again and check. (Restarts have worked for me everytime that option one has not.) 3. Duplicate the note or send it through Work Chat, sometimes opening the link works (shot-in-the-dark approach) Good Luck.
  12. MAC OS lets you use Shift+Option+Command+V to paste and Match style. Command+V maintains the original style. This method works in almost all MAC OS applications and I confirmed it works in EN for MAC.
  13. Not just Apple Pencil, but the whole integration/insertion of PDFs needs to be updated to allow for seamless notetaking.
  14. The feature (or lack thereof) is the number one reason why I still use other note-taking applications and PDF editors while trying desperately to have everything in Evernote. It is also the number one controversy in my attempts to have OneNote users switch to Evernote. Presently I am a Student and 90% of the material I review for class, or research for a paper or presentation, is in PDF. I have tried desperately to use Evernote alone, but the cumbersome method to annotate and review a PDF makes it almost useless. I typically annotate in other notes and use Apple's Share Sheet, or email, just to have a backup in Evernote in my school folder. Please look at the pdf markup tools in Adobe Reader and the "embedded" pdf functionality of OneNote.
  15. I just had to use this forum to rectify my syncing issue. Thanks! I used the duplicate note on the iPad and my note almost immediately synced. The EN support individual wanted me to play the recording while recording it with another recording device/function...I was less than pleased with that suggested solution.
  16. I too wish the 3D Touch shortcuts were more useful. I would like to see the following shortcuts and more recently used notes or reminders: shortcuts: new audio note new note new reminder open last note Share Evernote
  17. OrbWeaver, please confirm iPhone or Android. I echo csihilling, i tell the app to take a photo and let it recognize in Document setting that it is a business card, then it asks if I want to save as Business Card, document or photo. When I select business card, it recognizes all of the fields and creates a contact (with the permission settings on). Can you walk us through exactly how you are doing it and what setting you have in the app?
  18. Does it make a difference? I have or use iOS, OS X, and web.
  19. I have several recordings of lectures and meeting that I would like to either remove the useless banter, or a question period, or a late start to a meeting. Is there any way at present to edit or crop an Evernote audio note?
  20. I have only found one case where the 200MB limit was restrictive. I haven't seen PDF's that large.
  21. I had a similar issue; however, if I logged into Evernote Web, the corruption wasn't present and the note was fine. I had opened at ticket and tagged Evernote Help in a Tweet. Before Evernote responded, the note was back to normal on all of my devices, which took approximately 24-48 hours.
  22. Are you sure the app is up to date? I previously had the same problem but it was resolved with an update.
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