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  1. OK, I just read Evernote's "5 Tips for the Best Digital Handwriting Experience with Penultimate" blog post. I turned off Bluetooth as recommended and now Penultimate is working perfectly. I'm getting used to the zoom feature and the resulting output looks great. I think I'll be keeping (and enjoying) my Jot Script stylus!
  2. My experiences have been very similar to torgerson's. I have installed the 5.0.1 Penultimate update that came out tonight and can report that things are definitely better, but far from "great." With 5.0, my plain old Bamboo battery-less $15 stylus performed much better than the Script - no matter how hard I tried. With the 5.0.1 update, the constantly lost letters appears to be a thing of the past, but palm rejection now seems to come and go randomly. I can tell when it's gone, because only my wrist is registering ink to the page and the pen has gone dormant. I'm not sure what the return policy is for the Script stylus, but I'm going to hold out a bit longer to see if Evernote can address these remaining issues. Otherwise, I'll go back to my "dumb" but consistent Bamboo with its 6.0mm nib. Here's hoping I don't have to visit the USPS!
  3. If a user encrypts content in a business note, can the admin decrypt that content? Since users can password protect Office documents today, this is a current problem, but it would be nice if Evernote Business didn't have the same problem with note content. If EB admins can't do this now, I would like to submit it as a feature request. Thanks.
  4. I'm with dallonc. This would be very useful. Thanks very much.
  5. I would like this as well. Thanks.
  6. Same problem here. Cam and Safari snaps work, but crosshair, full screen, and frame snaps result in blank snap. I have Mountain Lion (10.7.3) and Skitch 1.0.9 from the Mac App Store.
  7. I'm also stuck with Windows when working with some clients, so I look forward to Skitch for Windows soon - hopefully!
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