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  1. Totally agree! Either a swipe left/right gesture like navigating Safari webpages, or at a minimum, a next note comes as you swipe up at the bottom of the note, such as Safari Reading List.
  2. I use Evernote in in order of preference on the following devices: 1. iPhone (iOS app) 2. Work PC (Evernote Web) 3. iPad (iOS app) 4. MacBook Pro (MAC OS app) 5. iMac (MAC OS app) I am unable to encrypt text in my iPhone (let alone the other encryption abilities that are requested in other posts) so if I wish to change a login and encrypt that within a note, i have to enter it and leave it unencrypted until I return to the desktop version Why is this still a problem? Every feature available on the Web or desk top version should be available in the mobile version. Or am I missing something?
  3. Interesting perspective. My concern is the same regarding hackin and others seeing my passcode; however, I have an equal concern of being forced to use my touch ID by law enforcement or others. There are several cases now where individuals have been forced to use their Touch ID where they cannot be forced to enter a passcode. This is why I am not the guy recording police. I'm too busy turning my phone off so it won't accept Touch ID
  4. Daniel Kim, I do use threat feature "area" but I can certainly appreciate the desire to hide (toggle it on or off) to promote information security. Now you have me wondering what I will see in that area where I have encrypted select information within notes.
  5. I don't agree! I use this feature often. For any note that I build throughout a day, or frequently used notes. I have used this feature far more than I thought I would. I would want it expanded not removed.
  6. I have convinced a friend with a Galaxy S7 to sign up for Evernote and I have been walking her and her husband through many of the everyday features and purposes I use it for. Regretfully I have been unable to annotate images on her basic version of the app. Is this feature still not available for Android?
  7. Yes — iOS request. There is a "tomorrow" tab in the web version.
  8. Evernote Premium, iOS version, running iOS 10.0.2, iphone 6S Plus. I use what I consider to be a significant number of reminders on my notes. I would love to see any or all of the following features in the iOS version: 1. A "tomorrow" button for when I am changing the time in my reminder. 2. A "repeat" option, very similar to the ability inherent in iOS reminders to have reoccurring reminders. 3. "Add to calendar" so that my reminders or even just an Evernote icon, are visible in my calendar which prompt me to check Evernote. 4. Some sort of enhancement for the reminder so that is can appear different or provide a different prompt than standard Apple prompts. Thanks for all of the great work.
  9. I just wrote my suggestion to Apple. For anyone that is unaware, you can suggest product enhancement to Apple using the link below. http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
  10. Sorry Colin, I missed that. I would like to see Evernote and Apple incorporate 3D Touch to provide a "scrolling feature or menu" and based on how far you move your finger from your "peek" press, determines how fast it scrolls. More it brings up a menu like (can't believe I'm saying this) Balackberry, where they have a "jump to top/ jump to bottom" menu item. I'm sure apple and Android can develop something much better.
  11. I would argue that is a matter of timing and not a 'bug' as I have been a premium user throughout my experiences prior to, during, and now after, having duplicate note issues.
  12. Kb202 i haven't had a duplicate note in a long time. I am almost certain my issue was signal related and that one occasion I was continuing to make change while the sync was occurring. Which platform do you use most when you see this occurring?
  13. I echo Gazumped's comments . I don't fully understand how you are accessing these notebooks and downloading them for offline use. Could you repeat the step by step process please? i have been an Evernote premium user for years and I have not experienced this specific issue and I am very happy with the cross-platform and multi-device performance.
  14. This doesn't seem to work on mobile devices, where I use Evernote 60% of my time, but check the forums 90% of the time. Am I wrong?
  15. Am I the only only that thinks the EN search function needs considerable work? I think this new collaboration with Google should also involve similar search techniques. I was extremely frustrated when trying to search for anything more than one word in multiple PDF attachments in one note. I really want to see features that allow me to search for phrases and modify my search criteria — just like Google! http://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/20-tips-use-google-search-efficiently.html if there are better was to search for phrases or sentences within Evernote, I haven't come across it and it's not readily apparent to everyone.
  16. Multiple times now I have searched for notes, found the one I needed and opened it to find "EN_attachment" written there, but no attachment to open anymore. Maybe if there was a way I could tell if I emailed this note to myself or if I tried saving images or files — nope! There is only a big "F-U" from the app showing me my trust has been foolishly misplaced Mao much for going paperless now it's even easier to loose items forever! I'm totally pissed.
  17. Can the forum admin somehow combine this with the other discussions that are precisely about this (share sheet/tags)? thanks.
  18. You can't blame them. They are a business, and getting more premium subscriptions is just business
  19. I have several notes that are regularly being added to so I would LOVE THIS FEATURE! but.... ...please allow us to modify the format in settings: yyyy-mm-dd, dd-mm-yyyy, dd month yyyy, or for the Americans - the unintuitive month-day-year format.
  20. I support the concept of some way to scroll quickly to the bottom, this would serve everyone's needs. Even if it was a "slider" on the side like Adobe or other applications that use pages vice continuous text, where you can hold your finger on the slider and get a small preview of the screen as you 'slide' down to the pertinent part of the note you wish to access. It's win-win for those of you that are 'bottoms-up' and those of us 'top-down'
  21. I don't think I understand what you are describing; if the app is actually closed (after double-tapping the home button and closing the app) when I open the app it goes to he home screen, otherwise it opens where I left off. Mare you saying yours always opens to where you left off?
  22. Right now I add a series of notes I want to merge and tag them with reminders so that when I sit down at my computer I'll remember to merge them. I really would like to see a merge-notes capability in the iOS version — not just for iPad!
  23. Agree. Right now I add all of the actionable items from all of my reminder notes into one "to-do" note that I check daily. I would love a task list in iOS
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