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  1. I would like the ability to sort reminders by date more than ever now, following the new update.
  2. Uh...that isn't true at all in my case. I still have 800+ notes in trash (looking on the iPad version) even the ones I just deleted — including test notes.
  3. Reinstall fixed that on my iPad. My iphone updated fine
  4. Ok. Deleted it and reinstalled it. No problems on the iPad Air now. It has only crashed once on the iPhone. Mom only disappointed with the loss of presentation mode. I used that when i was "selling EN" to new folks. Lol I'm now super-anxious for incorporating 3D Touch! I hope that the wait is not long.
  5. Seems really great.....(there is a but coming) It is great and stable on my iPhone 6S plus, ...i can't open it on the iPad Air. Crashes 5 times in a row. Tried closing all other apps and restarting....yup still crashes.
  6. Rianto the Guru's speak the truth! Don't share the account. Share notebooks and notes between accounts. In my house, I have the Premium account and my wife and teenage son have basic accounts. This allows me to be the "main record keeper" of all of the document and records that we desire stored in Evernote while they normally make notes for themselves and infrequently access the archives of material I store. It comes in extremely handy when I am at work and one of them needs something, like a copy of a medical record, a clause from a lease or mortgage, a health insurance card number, etc. I recommend this method of sharing; it has been working very well for me and it's catching on with my close friends who are married with kids.
  7. Are you suggesting something similar to the auto-naming feature that is linked to the calendar? Or that once assigned to a notebook a note would be auto-tagged with some configurable "default tags" for the notebook?
  8. I don't have fancy sketches to save, but for all of the letters, documents, identification cards and certificates I save, the document scanner works well. I save both versions of ID cards in the event they are lost while traveling. I use the EN Notebook for the ease of capturing the handwritten notes and I use the stickers to effectively categorize my notes in volumes. I will admit the it's less about the stickers and more about the free premium that comes with the slightly more expensive Moleskine Notebook
  9. Thank you Candid, I hadn't considered that.
  10. I am curious what someone would use the Calendar templates for? I would assume most of us EN users are trying to be as paperless as possible and would refrain from hard copy calendars or a table-style electronic templates and we would be more likely to use an integrated calendar in a smartphone, tablet or on the computer. I save the 2017 monthly calendar template just to see if I could find a use for it. So far, im struggling to find a good use. Seriously, what does anyone use it for, I'm curious?
  11. Yes it's still a standalone app, but isn't there a lack of support for it anymore?
  12. Hit up the EN Staff on Twitter, @EvernoteHelps
  13. Now that Skitch itself as a standalone app is no longer, I'm hoping we will see this integrated into Evernote for Mac OS and iOS.
  14. @gbarry It's been some time since I tried this (with equally frustrating results) but appears this is still an issue for many. Are there any updates? Pete
  15. Can you try emailing it to your Evernote account? Each time I have trouble uploading files I email them. Only three times in the last four years has emailing not be a quick work around for my Evernote hiccups.
  16. I use Touch ID in my iOS app daily. It works great.
  17. Apenname.... Can you provide anymore details about the incident? Did you email the PDF to Evernote? Were you using the web version when you sent it? Did you do everything from your phone? Was it an iphone using the app or the share menu? I ask because I recently had difficulty at my office using the web version on a PC and trying to attach files to a new note. The web version would display "upload complete" or "files uploaded" whichever it is, yet when I would open the note it would be blank. Evernote support were able to help me realize it was likely a temporary Internet files problem and I only had to logout and login (no restart) and that was enough that the next attempt was successful. I've also had several issue with my notes over the years when I had sporadic cell signal or shoddy public wifi. There have been a few occasions where emailing items to my Evernote email resulted I a blank note only once was Evernote staff unable to help me find my data Finally I would support you views of a "mobile web version" as I would also love to verify my notes that way.
  18. Hello! I would like to have a search field in the selection of Evernote Web Clipper tags for ios. I have many tags and it is easiest to be able to get tags when sending something to Evernote on ios." I regret that I don't speak (or read) Portuguese. I hope you can just apply my statement into Google translate as I did. Would you be satisfied with autocomplete? As you would start to type the tag you want it would autocomplete based on tags you already have. May I also suggest adding this request to the EN feature request forum? Happy Notetaking Pete
  19. I am a everyday user of EN. I have several note to archive and support my family lifestyle. I also use a Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook for my job. So EN's ability to use different online notebooks, tags, etc, are perfect for how I use it. The post is to highlight two of my most important feature requests. 1. If I can search for my handwritten notes, I want to be able to copy and paste the text elsewhere. I understand that it wouldn't be perfect OCR all of the time, but this is the biggest 'missing piece' for me in Evernote. I keep so many Moleskine captured pages that not being able to copy the information is turning me away from spending the time and effort to capture it in the first place. 2. The ability to edit and tag Moleskine Notebook captures. When using the widget, or the quick launch for taking pictures directly into a new note, I am often frustrated with the ability to provide the note a title and tags before I have to save it. I launch the camera from a the widget or the quick launch 3D Touch option and once the image is captured, I can save or delete it. I can even add more pictures, but I cannot add a title to the note or tags until I have saved it, the reopened it to provide edits. Please develop an option here to rectifié the extra steps presently needed which at end to negate any "quick" aspect to the EN photo capture. I have my ideas on how to make this look, but I'd rather see a feature to support my request rather than wait for the perfect one. Pete I use Evernote on the following: iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and a PC running Windows 7 (yes that is the work computer).
  20. Agree. The number one feature request I desire is the search, highlight, copy and paste of my moleskine captured noted.
  21. I would love to have a saved digital signature and initials in Evernote that allows me to sign and annotate PDFs. At present I can markup a PDF but I can't store a signature like I can with Adobe Fill & Sign or in my Adobe apps. Is it possible that Evernote could get more PDF editing capability?
  22. Hello folks! I was archiving my Moleskine Evernote Notebook last night by using the iOS app and document setting to use the camera to capture my notebook pages. [iPhone 6S Plus, iOS 10, on Wifi at home] Yes everything is up to date. I didn't use any flash, and it was certainly a contrasting background - yet only some (less than 50%) of the notes (all with the same smart sticker) were properly tagged and 'note-booked'. I want to know if the stickers only work once the note has uploaded to the server? Is this an OCR function that is in the cloud, or is the sticker recognition built into the iOS application? I am curious if I was not patient enough (less that 5 minutes) before I manually put the note into the proper notebook and applied the correct tag(s). I would like to highlight that some of the notes did go automatically into the correct notebook with the correct tag; this is why I am wondering if there is a delay in the recognition of smart stickers.
  23. This is my feature request response to the feature request for "Note "Comments " please. ? " Rather than have a running list of comments that would make a note look like a FaceBook post or Blog with commentary, I highly recommend that the Work Chat shared notes allow for track changes. This would allow someone to start the note, and anyone in the work chat to add, edit and comment as they see fit, while the original material is preserved from comparison and final approval. In addition it could allow Evernote for Business features where the "Final approval" is identified as an individual who can approve or reject all of the changes. Very similar in context to Office Products. thanks for reading.
  24. I have some notes that contain login information or account numbers so I encrypt those entries within those notes.
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