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  1. @Evernote team... how hard can it be??? there is a simple html tag that does this automatically - the details tag <details> anything here is hidden </details> vs <details open> now this will be visible </details> vs https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/details this is what Notion uses guys.. add it to the Evernote editor please If you stop innovating and listening to the users you will loose customers if you don't want to implement it, please open source some parts so that users can add stupid plugins like these - crowdsource your customer base!
  2. ????? yay! that works. Thanks a lot @DTLow the important duo of tags is the <details> (which I was missing) and <summary> the <summary> tag will be visible when the section is folded ah what a dream if the Evernote developers added this to the UI!! !!! now onto your script to quickly open the note with finder <details> <summary> what you want to be visible when you fold </summary> any other content that you want <p> a paragraph </a> <ul> <li><div>or a list</div></li> <li><div>of whatever</div></li> <li><div>you want</div></li> </ul> </details>
  3. this is exactly what I did... I added the summary tag to a part of the text but it didn't work. I checked that it was correctly updating adding other content to the note inserting it in the .enml file and it was working how is it's supposed to look when you fold / unfold inside of the evernote note? do you have to assign a CSS style somewhere?
  4. interesting... could you give a bit more details on the process please? is it mac or windows? I've open the content.enml file (had to search by date inside of the hashed folder in ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com/6161906/content/2019AF79-87F5-49F4-96E5-F899B06B49B7, unless you have a better option) I've added the <summary> tag wrapping a list for example but the folding functionality doesn't appear to be there (I'm using EN Version 7.4 (456999 Direct)) thanks
  5. how does that work? can we insert the tag where we want in a note or it's only if the web page which we clip has the tag? thanks
  6. +1 for folding paragraphs I'm not using Evernote heavily (hence I've never bought the premium exactly because of the lack of this folding feature)... I've resorted to using Textmate (or other code editors) that allow me to fold sections of text by simply wrapping them in a "/* */" --- Example of unfolded section /* first line will always be readable second line will be hidden */ --- Example of folded section /* fist line will always be readable @DTLow and @jefito I think that a simple version would be possible to do it even just with CSS styling I've created a sample without javascript here: http://jsfiddle.net/j5h4o2ad/25/ it would be awesome if Evernote considered extending the ENML with one or 2 more tags like "en-folded" and "en-unfolded" or if not possible, change the styling of the "area" tag and to switch between one or the other, if actions / Javascript can't be inserted in the note content itself for security reasons, it could be added on the window that holds the note, on the margin of the note, where in coding IDEs you normally see the number of the lines, and the folding triangles. what do you think?
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