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  1. I just got sick of being disappointed by the new release. I re-installed the Legacy version and it is SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER. It is just night and day. I'll wait until they are back to feature parity and get all the bugs out. Then maybe I'll try to stomach the new UI again.
  2. It started working again. However, I caught all the errors in a log file, if the support team cares enough to want to see it.
  3. My Evernote Mac app just auto-updated to 10.5.7 and now I can no longer drag in an attachment!! This is horrible, but it is even worse because you guys took away our ability to record audio notes. For this reason, we have been forced to use a 3rd party app to make meeting recordings and then drag them into the note. NOW we have lost the ability to even do that. Below is the error I get every time I try to drag in an attachment.
  4. Same problem here for Evernote Helper - 127% CPU, 1.51GB of memory (ridiculous). I'm on Evernote for Mac 10.5.7 on a 2020 Macbook pro w/ 64GB of memory.
  5. Terry, I feel your pain. I'm well over 21,000 notes and there are a LOT of people with many more than me, which is a lot to migrate to another product. However, I'm continuously angry and disappointed at the incredibly bad things Evernote is doing with the the products. I have run into MANY removed features that I used all the time that stopped my normal work process I have used for a decade, right in its tracks. In addition, the performance is now absolutely HORRiBLE. I get the "swirling circle" constantly on most things I do instead of the previous instant response. Now on top of a
  6. Totally agree. This is a MAJOR feature in my workflow. I literally change my "updated date" fields on my notes almost every day. I won't get into why, but it does not matter. Removing this feature is NOT ACCEPTABLE. How can you presume to know how 100,000,000 people are using the existing feature set that has been around for many years?? Where is all this arrogance coming from? You also thought it was okay to remove the ability to record audio in notes! I literally use that at least 15 times every single day. OMG! STOP REMOVING FEATURES!!!! JUST STOP!! This is SOOOOO FRUSTRAT
  7. Same here. It appears they went backwards in performance instead of forward. Very disappointing to those of us who have been using Evernote for a decade. My guess is they are not doing their performance testing with accounts that do not have 20k to 30k notes in Evernote, like a long time user will have. The fact that they released a new version that removed critical features like recording and performance that is so bad you want to ditch it as quickly as possible, says they are suffering from QA and leadership problems, and just bad judgement. It is almost like someone in senior manag
  8. Seriously??? We put that feature in 10 years ago and tens of millions of people have been using it for a decade, and you just deleted it on purpose and now you are trying to restore it?? What are you guys doing to our beloved Evernote? On what planet is that okay? What next, take away the ability to put photos into notes? Rich Warwick, ex-Evernoter
  9. No, this is not a Windows issue. I can take photos on an iPhone 10 or 11, airdrop it to my Mac, drop Them into Evernote and Evernote will not display the image because it is in HEIC format. It just shows question marks. This is because EVERNOTE does not support HEIC, the standard format for iPhone today. Search the Evernote forums. This is a known issue and they have been ignoring it for a long time. As a past Evernote exec, I can’t for the life of me understand why that decision would make sense. Are they dropping support for Apple? That is not how we built Evernote to ge
  10. Come on guys. I'm an ex-Evernote employee (exec) and we would have NEVER have let a new iPhone come out in the Libin years and not support the native photo format (.HEIC). That is just crazy and you have had plenty of time to get this done. Why? Our whole family has iPhones and this really just makes Evernote not usable anymore. It is just insane to expect your tens of millions of customers to convert the format of every photo they take so they can see it in Evernote. Are you TRYING to drive away your customers? I just don't get it. Please explain your logic here.
  11. My Evernote web client is taking 45 seconds to log in every time. This is an excruciating long time for a simple login. It is very repeatable. Is anyone else seeing this? I'm on a 2016 Macbook Pro using Google Chrome Version 71.0.3578.80. I just did a speed test on speedtest.com and the results are Ping=20ms, Download=180 Mbps, Upload=11.80 Mbps, and I'm in Austin, TX.
  12. PLEASE make this simple change to save your users a lot of pain. I have lost many VERY important multi-hour recordings and it happens the same way every time. At the end of a meeting, I accidentally click on the "x" in the recording bar instead of the stop button. Since I have done this so MANY times even though the results are catastrophic, it must be natural in the UI. Instead of just saving the recording and closing the recording bar, it DELETES the recording without any warning. Any other place in Evernote apps where something is about to be deleted and it can not be undone, the
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