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  1. Good news ! But when I try to play the video in EN, it says : video not available...
  2. +1 Please Evernote, it's important ! (and annotation summary too...)
  3. That works not great for me because of no zoom, and no annotation summary...
  4. Why no pdf preview in the note ? Is it so difficult to achieve ? And Word, Excel previews like in the mac version would be nice. Whant do you think ?
  5. Thanks for that, I was lost without pdf annotations ! But no zoom, no navigation tool in the pdf ??
  6. Thanks to Evernote team for this update. BUT : - on my iphone 6s, performance is slow but usable (slower than previous version) - on my iPad mini 4, it's not usable !!! Lags, freezes, buttons, links to files don't respond, especially in list view. And what ??? No pdfs preview, no pdf annotation ? I use it everyday...
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