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  1. "You can no longer pinch to zoom in on the image you are annotating! This may have been my biggest issue! Why did this feature get canned? I used this ALL the time!" Absolutely right for me too !!!
  2. Evernote, please, it's absolutely necessary, especially on my iPad mini 4 !!!
  3. Nice presentation. BUT : what's happening with the beta test program ? 1) When I choose a new picture in background, go away and come back to Home, it's always the same pic with the cup of coffee which appears ! 2) When I choose a pinned note, it disappears from the widget a few seconds later !!
  4. Dear Evernote and Slack users ? Is there a way to open an classic Evernote link (evernote:///) in the app ? Because I don't want to use the web version of Evernote... My Slack do not seem to recognize evernote:/// link... Many thanks, Thomas
  5. Before, when you received a message in the work chat with a note attached, all was in the same place. Now, you have the message in work chat without a reference to a note, and the note in shared with me without any reference to the message ! How could you work like that with a team ?? Any idea, strategy ? Terrible...
  6. @ShaneD I've updated to 10.4.4 (Mac) and I've just experienced this issue for the first time today. Just one time since the update for the moment.
  7. The same for me in Business account : when a sender shares/sends me a note via the workchat, the note is not displayed as an attachment in the workchat. Only the message with is eventually displayed. Evernote, please !!!
  8. Good news ! But when I try to play the video in EN, it says : video not available...
  9. +1 Please Evernote, it's important ! (and annotation summary too...)
  10. That works not great for me because of no zoom, and no annotation summary...
  11. Why no pdf preview in the note ? Is it so difficult to achieve ? And Word, Excel previews like in the mac version would be nice. Whant do you think ?
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