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Google Translated Web Page Not Clipping


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I have tried using Evernote web clipper in Chrome to clip a Google Translate web page and it only clips the top portion of the page which is the Google Translate tool. None of the translated text body is included. I have experienced the same result with "Article" and "Full Page". "Simplified Article" doesn't work at all. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.29.00.png

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Hi.  That's a problem specific to this sort of page layout.  The page you're looking at is the 'shop front' for two other pages which appear in the two language windows.  Short of a screenshot it's not possible to highlight and copy the text from the whole page.  You can highlight and paste the page template,  then separately copy and paste the left and right-hand panels.  (They probably won't paste back in the same window you clipped from.)

Or you could screenshot the whole page.

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Thanks for your insight @gazumped! I get that there are workarounds, although I believe that supporting Google Translate natively gives English speakers access to the vast majority of content on the internet, and IMHO should be prioritized as a fix.

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