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  1. Clipping from outlook emails that have a file attached (word or PDF) now fails. I am downgrading until fixed.
  2. Thank you so much but unfortunately it won't help me. I cannot put extraneous stuff like that in the subject line when I email third parties. I have no problem emailing my mail to evernote, the problem only occurs when I try to bcc my evernote account and no amount of setting rules seems to work if I am to preserve the following info TO CC FROM DATE
  3. PS It seems clear that there is no way of doing this without the extra step.
  4. Thank you. I do not for a moment suggest they should prioritise my needs over those of others. But this thread was started in 2014 by someone else asking for the same thing, it includes further contributions by other users also asking for the same thing. So clearly I am not alone. Yes by headers I mean To CC From Date
  5. I can confirm that that still does not work. There are several of us who would like this function. Any way we can petition for its implementation? I pay good money every year for evernote.
  6. Yes I have set up a forwarding rule. The problem is that the forwarded email becomes a note with the email subject line as its title. Howeve I lose the email headers (the date and time of the mail, who sent it and to whom). It is these headers I am interested in I already have the rule set up for the autoforwarding
  7. Thank you for your response but unfortunately it does not help me. I like to BCC my evernote account when I write emails to third parties. Simply forwarding the sent email after it appears in the sent folder does the trick but it involves an extra step which I wanted to avoid. Hence, please, does any one have an answer to my question.
  8. Was a solution ever found? I have always had the same issue too and the BCC to a different email account which then forwards to evernote does not work
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