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  1. Also missing in the new version is the ability to copy an image. If I right-click on an image I get the option ot Copy, but if I try and paste the copied image elsewhere, nothing happens. Ie. it didn't get copies. At the moment I have to open the image with Preview (I'm on a Mac) and copy from there. It is extrememly annoying to lost functionality like this.
  2. I've installed the new Evernote and now I can't see how to, eg., open an image with Photoshop. If I right click on an image I want to be able to select which application to edit it with. That functionality was there in the previous version - where has it gone to?
  3. On iPhone 6 This crashes every time I try to take a picture, severely limiting Evernotes usefulness to me. Can anyone translate the workaround into something that might work on i6? Ie. Settings -> Support does not exist.
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