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  1. Thx … Under those assumptions, then TM backup is good only for recovery of individual notes but not for EN Apocalypse. (I'm setting aside the issue of local notebooks.) If I understand that correctly, that takes care of my #1 above. Do you have thoughts re my #2, 3, 4?
  2. Thx … So if one first deleted the online database and then recovered from TM, all would be restored? If so, why wouldn't TM suffice for recovery both of individual notes and EN Apocalypse? [Apologies for adding:] along with dates created and updated?
  3. Aah … if tag and notebook assignments -are- restored, that was an apparently improper surmise on my part. I don't currently use TM and am not currently trying to restore anything. I'm considering which backup scheme to use and am still wondering whether TM can be used for a complete backup and restore that will restore tag and notebook assignments and tag hierarchy or is it only for one note at a time?
  4. QQ: Iiuc, re backup and restore from Legacy A restore from Time Machine doesn't restore tag or notebook assignments? If one tags each note to match its notebook and backs up to enex and backs up (either by notebook or all at once), then after restore one can use tags to reassign to notebooks — but the tag hierarchy won't be restored? CrashPlan no longer supports EN as well as it did (haven't ferreted out the details)? Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, etc., are ok for storing enex or html but don't offer anything beyond that re EN — except that they balk when note or notebook titles have characters that disobey Windows file naming conventions?
  5. Thanks to both. Yes, it is better than nothing and because of that Evernote should provide easy direct visible access to it at http://evernote.com on all browsers. That and cifip's postings here for these 8.0.x releases should point to the browser alternative for those experiencing difficulty. [humanengr posting as alter-ego]
  6. When moving a note from Account A to a notebook shared from Account B, a dialog appears: Only tags that are already in this notebook will be added to this note. That dialog only has an "OK" button. It should also have a "Cancel" button so the user can, if desired, add all necessary tags to Account B. As it stands, the user has to force-quit to avoid losing tags. [EN on Mac]
  7. The extra tab just started happening for me in Mac Safari. Tried uninstalling, etc., per above. No good. Evernote -- fix this.
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