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  1. Evernote is the worst regarding long-wished-for or long-complained-about issues. I feel like the next software company that features -- front and center -- their new policy of listening to their customer base (what, something like .. when 20% of all registered users have clicked ✔ "I want this feature", we will make it a top priority for next release...?), they're going to become very, very popular, and quick. Why not include a current list of requested features within the app itself, and let users vote on the their top 5 favorites, or something.. direct feedback. What gets included on that requested feature list could come from an official feature/bugfix suggestion mechanism. Was going to say, and just show the top requested features/bugfixes.. but to be completely transparent, you could show the most popular, in a main list, but allow users to see the complete list as well, and if some bizarre little obscure request suddenly gets a lot of traction, it could enter the main requests list... Simple voting dictates Evernote (or whichever app) development priorities, at least on some track of the company's future efforts. If there is an unusual reason why the company cannot oblige a request, it must explain that reason in full (e.g. "feature would be too difficult to implement because of X, Y, Z.", or "here are our current priorities, and resources.. we can't do both things, pick one, or crowdfund your new feature request outside the normal roadmap timeline"..). Obviously no one thinks a customer base should be able to willy nilly dictate the direction a company takes, but if the company structures itself from the outset with that sort of mechanism in place, and offers it as a value to customers, it could work. Would be interesting to see several incarnations of that idea play out.
  2. needed! Also, just general ability to create collapsible sections, images down to thumbnails (hover zoom?). all interiors of which to be searchable. Make ORGANIZATION much easier and effective!
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