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  1. Voted, but commenting too. It's a GREAT first step to be able to change the sidebar, but...a little ridiculous to be able to only change the section one theoretically looks at the least, no? Please do expand the color option to notes. It also doesn't make any sense to be able to change the note's font color to white if you can't make the background black. Thank you. I'm super jealous, since I followed your instructions to a T on Windows 8.1 and was not able to get this to work. Welp, guess my eyes will just have to bleed and strain at night until they extend the color functionality... Regardless, thanks for posting your advice!
  2. So far, you can only link one note to another. But you can't: Link one section of a note to another section of a note Link one section of a note to a section of another note EXAMPLE: Literally any wikipedia (<-- random example) page. After the intro description, there is a 'contents' box that links to itself later in a document. You can also click to links of sections of other pages on the site. OneNote already has this feature. I find OneNote awful BUT this feature is the one and only reason why I use OneNote over Evernote at work, and Evernote just for personal use. Please update your linking features!
  3. Currently, there is a "hack" for notes that allows you to arrange them in any order you choose, with a super intuitive drag-and-drop. PLEASE make this a standard feature! The 'hack' allows you to take all notes in a notebook (or as many as you so choose), drop them in a reminder, and BAM, the order you want them is is stickied to the top of the notebook and editable at will. This allows the ultimate flexibility, especially for notebooks, because it sometimes people don't want 'INBOX' above 'PROJECTS' and below 'HOME.' Using renaming hacks is not intuitive, and makes thisng difficulty every time you add a new notebook. Drag and drop is super intuitive AND already available in other programs! (Like OneNote and ToDoIst). Please make it happen!
  4. Please implement this! I can only use Evernote on my laptop right now because of this; my larger desktop has a HUGE monitor and makes the multi-device offerings you guys have USELESS. My screen on the desktop looks like the one above--how is that considered usable at all?
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