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  1. 共產黨為了監視每個人,所有網絡服務都被要求把服務器放在大陸,不服就用防火墻擋你。為此 evernote 專門做了個 “中國版” 叫 “印象筆記”,官網就是 yinxiang.com 。估計是共產黨繼續給 evernote 施壓,要求把台灣中華民國歸入共產中國,所以 evernote 發現你的地理位置後才會默認與 yinxiang.com 連接。你登錄時一定要選 “國際版賬號”。另外還要小心網頁剪輯插件,他也會默認連接 yinxiang.com ,我改了好多次都被他自動改迴去。
  2. 感覺在這裡請求沒什麽用,還是要到英文論壇
  3. I use the evernote.com service, but every time I use Web Clipper, it always point to app.yinxiang.com. How can I use evernote.com? ? Chrome + Web Clipper 7.2.1
  4. 我的 web clipper 总是访问 yinxiang.com,导致无法登录。如何修改让他访问 evernote.com?
  5. How can clipper visit evernote.com instead of yinxiang.com? my clipper always visits yinxiang.com, and i can't find options to modify!
  6. when switch to VPN, "evernote" cannot sync or log out, it freeze. windows7 sp1 x64 evernote 6.6.4
  7. do you mean: 1. before installing new version, you must backup *.exb file. otherwise the "local notebooks" will gone? 2. the "Attachments" folder is useless?
  8. How can I quickly find the largest note? Maybe a note has too many pictures, and I want to delete it.
  9. I have used Evernote for a few years, there are some "local notes" and the database is specified in other locations. Yesterday I re-installed Evernote. When I log in, Everonte automatically synchronizes and downloads notes from the server. These notes become a new database. the two databases are very different: my question: How to ensure that no data is lost after reinstalling Evernote? If I now specify the old location for the database, will not cover the old database? If the old database in the default location, will not be covered because reinstall? Does E
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