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  1. Older thread but the question remains relevant. I just had an issue w/ EN that required me to kill the program in task manager. I noticed that the program was still 32-bit, so started to search interwebs to ensure I'm not running an old, feeble version. This thread gave me my answer & provided a bit of an education along the way (many thanks to prior posters). However, now I'm curious. Is there a rough timeline for a 64-bit Windows-based Evernote?
  2. Yes - thank you for this workaround. As others noted, it started with updated to ios 12.x. The workaround is a lifesaver!
  3. After getting burned a while back because I upgraded to a virtually non-functional EN version, I now try to wait a few weeks for things to settle down & see how the new version has been received. After 6.10.x, the feedback was fairly horrible - easy version to skip. I'm now trying to evaluate feedback for 6.11.x & am getting a similar vibe. Although it appears to be 'better' than 6.10.x, what true advantages does it have over older versions? Since my current version ( is perfectly functional for everything I do, the risk/reward for upgrading doesn't appear to have a good return. Am I missing something? In reading various threads, I've learned a new term: rightgrading - one that I would have hoped 1) didn't exist & 2) that EN, the company, should abhor... Ron
  4. Ditto. While this experience has been incredibly frustrating, hopefully it will serve as a major reminder to not update any app, program, operating system without doing some due diligence (& definitely not within the first 2-3 weeks).
  5. In an attempt to formalize this comment, I've suggested that Evernote actually utilize beta testers >> here:
  6. A few years ago, Evernote implemented a new version & it was an absolute nightmare for users. After a period of time & a number of updates, they implemented many user suggestions & made the app functional once again. To show their user base that they learned nothing from that debacle, they did it again with ios v8.0 (& v8.02) >> see this thread for one group of examples: More than one user has suggested (or volunteered) to be part of a beta-testing corps for Evernote. This is something many companies do & often helps find significant issues before software is released to us, the poor, unwashed masses. I suggest that Evernote implement a beta testing program utilizing a significant number of volunteer testers to vet their software prior to release.
  7. v8.0.2 crashes on startup on my iPhone. Give me a rollback. Give me something so I can function!! I really thought EN learned it's lesson with the new version debacle a few years ago - obviously not! Lesson 1: First - Do no Harm!, Lesson 2: repeat Lesson 1. Aaaargh!!
  8. Someday I'll learn to come to the forum BEFORE I update. Evernote v8.0.2 crashes on startup in iPhone (even after restarting). Aaaargh!!! I really thought EN learned it's lesson with the new-version debacle from a few years ago >> First >> Do no Harm ...
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