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  1. +1 I have a Windows tablet with only 32GB and my EN is 10GB. I really need selective sync.
  2. Lack of developer-user discussion may be a barrier. I want to see roadmaps or at least "coming features". C'mon Evernote! Innovate!
  3. Yea, thats what i thought... I want to use Evernote as the "Remember everything" but I guess their financial situation is inhibiting this goal...
  4. I use evernote as a PDF inbox, as it has many merits over Google Drive or any other storage services. But one thing it lacks is a means of uploading files without the need to store everything... Thanks tho.
  5. Could be a HDD/SSD issue. My work PC is still on HDD and recovery from background is not a strong suite. Have reported this to EN but they have made no progress whatsoever It is for PDFs. Well it's either this or Google Drive and i prefer EN
  6. tried IFTTT but wont attach the PDFs and wont delete the files... thanks tho
  7. This is the closest that I've come close to for an answer. Evernote, you need a roadmap for future investors/
  8. Hi I want a tool/app that only uploads files to Evernote. I use the web-based EN because the windows client if horrible (keeps going to busy status upon waking up from background). And sometimes I want to upload 30-40 PDFs, but dont want to using the web as it's tedious. I know Windows client has the "import folder" function, but like i said, i DONT want to use the Win version. Plus, I dont have enough space for all the files I have store (like 30GB or so). Is there a tool that is a "one-direction upload" ? Thanks
  9. I did. Paid for a premium for 1 year. If it doesnt improve by then... well...
  10. My EN seems to freeze often upon recovering from background (HDD issue?) I may be wrong here, but if it was 64bit, could it not be assigned more virtual memory and recover from other status faster? So would there be any chance of a 64bit Evernote? Thanks
  11. Evernote 6.0 better have this functionality. Or give Evernote Touch the ability to accept handwritten notes...
  12. Prerelease still has it. When you start Evernote, it seems to be syncing which disallows users to perform actions such as new note or search. It may be better to sync when idle or sync when manually activated.
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