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  1. +1 I have a Windows tablet with only 32GB and my EN is 10GB. I really need selective sync.
  2. Lack of developer-user discussion may be a barrier. I want to see roadmaps or at least "coming features". C'mon Evernote! Innovate!
  3. I did. Paid for a premium for 1 year. If it doesnt improve by then... well...
  4. My EN seems to freeze often upon recovering from background (HDD issue?) I may be wrong here, but if it was 64bit, could it not be assigned more virtual memory and recover from other status faster? So would there be any chance of a 64bit Evernote? Thanks
  5. Prerelease still has it. When you start Evernote, it seems to be syncing which disallows users to perform actions such as new note or search. It may be better to sync when idle or sync when manually activated.
  6. Bumping this. I would like to change the lang to EN, so that I can take screenshots and send it to support when there's a bug.
  7. I would like to ask for this too. Some folders contain a lot of files that can be in the size of gigabytes and I would not want this on my client, but do on the cloud. Using the web-based version can be painful sometimes as you cannot select multiple notes and attribute to a tag. Please have some form of switch on the desktop client that allows notebook to be a virtual or local+cloud.
  8. Is this because the iOS Evernote app cannot handle HTML, hence not being able to rewrap? Only if EN could overcome this issue... I guess the issue is not "zoom" but "enlarge" Dev team please input the status on this case. Thanks.
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