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  1. Thanks I just saw that!!!! WOW WTF! Those NSA contracts must make it rain.
  2. Will OCR work for PDFs, scanned images on Local only Notebooks or must it exist on Evernote servers?
  3. Found a workaround. Impossible to log in with VPN, until click Login with Apple ID. Then go to evernote.com again and login and it allows you to input a password. Now have to figure out why a 400kb web clipping will put me over my max monthly amount when I have 5% remaining. One thing after another.
  4. The good ole days were great, when things just worked.
  5. The Login ("Continue") button on Web page using Mac & PC does not function with VPN activated. (Tested 20 servers and configurations) The Login ("Continue") button also does not function using Web clipper with VPN activated. (Brave, Firefox, private mode, normal mode) When I say does not function, it means you click on button and nothing happens. Where normally you get option to insert password. Oddly if logged in with VPN and use Brave Private Window With Tor, logging in works, but then many sites take you on endless Captcha loops. (bad) It all started two days ago. Worked perfectly with same setup for a year.
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