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  1. How can I set defaults for paragraph styles so as to NOT inherit the previous paragraph? For example, if highlighting is on, the next paragraph is highlighted by default.
  2. Thank you. I was thinking along the lines of a Twitter or Instagram live inline hashtag.
  3. If it hasn't yet been suggested, custom hashtags would be #useful. Clicking on the hashtag would automatically filter those notes.
  4. I am continuing to have this problem with formatting getting wiped out on notes. I don't recall simplifying the formatting. Even if I did, it would not remove everything. All my numbered lists are gone. Sometimes even spaces between words are removed. Very strange and frustrating. Additionally, I have other notes that are at a very low zoom on my iPhone, and I always have to zoom in to view them. I fear these will be next...
  5. Thanks. Is there a way to select records based on a specific time frame?
  6. Windows. I had thought about doing a monthly backup as an archive. I am thinking it would be easier to archive/zip the database files, rather than export 11000 records.
  7. If I want to backup Evernote from the directory location, as opposed to exporting an ENEX, which files do I select?
  8. There are some notes on my iPhone that have a tiny zoom level, where other notes are normal size. Why?
  9. That probably is what happened by accident. If that's the case, then it is much too easy to "pocket reformat" a long note on a smartphone, without some kind of advance warning. The "Simplify Format" should only be an option where at least there is an Undo. I don't know--is there a warning for reformat on iPhone?
  10. Paragraph breaks were abruptly removed from a long note while using it on iOS9, and I'm having to go through and reinsert them. What happened there!? I hope this doesn't happen again, as it is quite a chore to go back and find all the paragraph breaks. Thanks!
  11. After the last update, auto-numbering is full of bugs, and changed the numbering in some of my notes. For example, one set of numbers ends at 1030, and when I hit enter, it starts at 1, heirarchically. I am using this numbering for a book, and now have to manually re-number, using the double-period work-around.
  12. Feature request: OCR/Extract Text


    Microsoft OneNote I believe has this feature. would be very useful to convert to native text.

  13. I have this problem continuously with long or more complex notes. I suggest that if there are conflicting modifications in a note, there should be a Warning at eye level. (Like the red exclamation point for sync errors) I just discovered I have conflicts in a very long note, and it wasn't apparent until I scrolled to discover it (sometimes multiple blocks of conflicts). This is a note with lots of editing already done, and I now have to reconcile all the individual conflicts. This annoyance along with latency issues (such as freezing while typing) is extremely frustrating. I know there are trade-offs with technology, but these things just don't work with note-keeping software. Incidentally, I don't know why the new interface now has all low-contrast icons. What you want is conspicuous contrast, especially when there are sync errors! Perhaps Evernote should incorporate tools/functions to compare and resolve conflicts. I know I can find something to do this (like Word), but it would be nice if that function was built into the software. At the very least, conflicts should appear at the top of the note.
  14. Pastes from Kindle content appends the citation, so it would work similarly. Function could be turned on/off in preferences.
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