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  1. I was looking at Nimbus too, but can't see how I can save searches there, so checking with them. Anyway, also looked at Devonthink, I like it, but doesn't have a Windows client.
  2. I've implemented GTD on EN for all my work life and personal life workflows. Every project, task, checklist, reminder, todo, plan, list, history, reference, dreaming, whatever you call it, whatever you name it, is in EN. This is across Win, Mac, and iOS, and I've become a completely "paper less" person in doing so, and have been a subscriber for the past 10+ years. I've endorsed and recommended EN to anyone and everyone, and preached how GTD on EN has changed my life, and like they say become "Mind like Water". Now, I have to seriously rethink this to make it technology and future proof,
  3. Reverted back to the LEGENDARY version. However, I feel that this is a workaround and should not be the solution...
  4. I want to point it to a different folder, I don't even have a PREFERENCES... anywhere on the menu bar.
  5. Thanks DT, stumblin' thru with this, waiting for the future release which will not set me back, thanks again!
  6. EN, WTF, how do I change SETTINGS for the local folder of my offline notes? WTH, this is the worst version ever!!! WHY WHY WHY!!!
  7. EN WTF are you doing, this is the worst ever, please revert to something functional and consistent with the previous, this is horrible, WTF!!!
  8. EN, WTF u are doing....you're pedigree has been consistency and dependability, now you got something this POS, WHY WHY WHY???
  9. EN you just gotta revert and retreat, this is a complete disaster, completely unusable. Who ever is the product manager needs to raise the white flag, this is gonna lose subscribers including myself as a 10+ year member.
  10. EN are you listening??? Who's the product manager for this new version, it's horrible? Are they new, do they understand what a customer base means?? You're going to lose subscribers??
  11. Installed v10 on Mac, what a horrible POS, this sux, where are the SETTINGS, I can't find them on any menu or otherwise?
  12. Yes, this version sux, after 10+ years as many subscriber, I'm shocked, WTF, I can't even find SETTINGS, where is it?
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