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  1. In a post above I thought I understood how the new version could be interpreted as ransomware. When I read the latest posts, it turns out I was wrong. The talk about "ransomware" here is apparently just unwillingness to pay for the features desired. I find the expectation to be able to do several unsyncs, and thereby be able to circumvent the limitation on number of devices in the free plan, rather extreme. Likewise, I find the expectation to be able to do customizations such as "dark theme" in a free plan unreasonable. Enjoy a basic service for free. Or an even better service for a fee. It's as simple as that. There are many, many flaws in Evernote 10. I really hope they are being corrected. But limiting users of the free plan to basic functionality, is not one of those flaws. I hope this thread I started is not used for trying to circumvent the limitations of the free plan. If so, I apologize. That was certainly not my intention with bringing attention to the existence of the legacy version and the old apk.
  2. That's exactly my point. There is already a perfectly working way of creating tasks. But there is currently no working way of using the app on Android. 40 seconds to start a note taking app means the app is useless. 6-8 clicks (with 10 seconds wait required between each click) for moving a note between notebooks in the Android app is also a killer. Making that work should be higher priority than launching new "features".
  3. Agree. Most likely, aiming for things that "look good" for the new or infrequent user, hoping to get enough of them to sign up for a paid plan, is probably from a short-term commercial perspective more important than serving the previously loyal power users, as they are fewer. But when the infrequent hype-aware users find another app that looks even better, and move on, EN is in a bad position if the power user base has then migrated to Joplin or OneNote because of lacking functionality /slowness /etc in EN 10.
  4. Yeah. But EN says the legacy app won't be active forever. If that is the case, the missing basic functionality needs to be built. Instead, they are focusing on pointless specialized functionality for newbie users, like "tasks". As a software developer, one has to adapt to reality. If the reality is that the users' devices have old OS software, that needs to be catered for. If the most recent Android version is needed for the app to work properly, EN shouldn't be upgraded from the previous (well-functioning) version on a device with older OS. By the way, I do not think Android 10.x is to be regarded as old. It takes > 40 seconds to open EN 10 on my < 1 year old Samsung Galaxy with Android 10. Forcing upgrades to such a poorly functioning app version means users lose confidence in EN.
  5. I guess the feeling is that what used to work, no longer works. And in order to get support, one needs to pay. That can be interpreted as "ransoming". Even though I don't have that view myself (the EN UI experts who have designed the EN 10 mean well, it's just that the execution is bad, as it doesn't work as expected) I can understand that it is possible to get such an impression. I'm a paying user myself since many years, and I can testify that paying does not help at all against the badness of EN 10 🙂
  6. Also make sure that automatic app updates is disabled in Google Play. Otherwise it will automatically update itself to Evernote 10 in a few days.
  7. On the same topic - I now discovered THE REAL, WORKING VERSION OF EVERNOTE FOR ANDROID ALSO STILL EXISTS!! It is found here: http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/android/google-play/com.evernote.google-play. If you are uncertain on how to install an APK package, instructions are here: https://www.javatpoint.com/how-to-install-apk-on-android#:~:text=Copy the downloaded APK file,tap on it to install. Earlier today, I was browsing alternatives to Evernote, as I thought I was stuck with the not functioning Evernote 10 on Android. Now, with Evernote Legacy on Windows, and the Evernote 8.13.3 APK on my phone, I feel brought back to life!
  8. Thank you! You are a life saver!! To be fair, I think the Windows version of Evernote 10 is close to be classified as possible to use (even though it was horrible in previous sub-versions). It is far from as nice, or as efficient, as Evernote 6.x. It is clearly made up by armies of "UI experts" wo only care for the new or infrequent users, and don't care of efficiency for power users and users with high volumes of notes. But, most likely I could live with it. The Android version of Evernote 10, however, is TRULY HORRIBLE. A single note can take 20-80 seconds to open. The number of clicks required on a button in order for the button to actually react seems to be randomized, it takes between 1--4 clicks. The simple operation of moving a note from one notebook to another takes me about 10 clicks, having to wait about 10 seconds between each click. Earlier today, I was browsing alternatives to Evernote, as I thought I was stuck with the not functioning Evernote 10 on Android. Now, with Evernote Legacy on Windows, and the Evernote 8.13.3 APK on my phone, I feel brought back to life.
  9. As long as V10 does not work, the comparison is not relevant. Still in v 10.5.7, many of my notes do not load, even though Evernote claims this has been fixed.
  10. Yes, sorry, I forgot to include the download link. Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone - most of you probably already knew this, but I just found out - the real Evernote client is still available! It is now called "Evernote Legacy", and it is the app we all love, useful for power users (which version 10 is not), utilizing screen real estate well (version 10 is wasting screen space like few other apps), it lacks all the stupid UI changes of version 10, and above all it does not have all the very serious bugs that still remains in version 10 after I-dont-know-how-many releases. If I had known the real client is still available it would have saved me a lot of frustration over the last weeks. Please, Evernote, keep "Evernote Legacy" available. I will happily continue to pay for the premium service and recommend it to my friends. Please don't make the fancy-designer-without-any-clue-on-how-people-use-the-tool-made version 10 mandatory.
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