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  1. Found this on Evernote site: Will my scanner, app, or other partner product work with two-step verification? Some apps or products do not yet support two-step verification. When you attempt to connect one of these products to your Evernote account, your correct password will not be accepted. In these cases, you will need to use an application password in place of your actual account password. Create a unique application password in your account settings under Security Summary > Manage Settings > Generate New Application Password.
  2. Just posted this same question to the Evernote for IOS forum, but I'm just now realizing that this forum is more appropriate, sorry ! I am about to enable two-step verification on my Evernote account, which is also connected to the Scannable App on my iPhone. Once two-step verification is enabled, will I need to provide a verification code to Scannable ? Will I need an application specific password for Scannable ? Thanks !
  3. I'm also having a problem with a large note (3M) which is not syncing. I've now copied it to a new note which IS syncing. Shouldn't there be some visual indication on the sync button if there are any issues after a manual sync occurs ? Is my only option to keep checking for a black dot in the the sync column of the notes list ? Is it possible to create a saved search ?
  4. This is new for me in this release of Evernote, and not happening in other programs or previous releases. I do have a touchpad but I'm sure I'm not accidentally bumping it when the issue occurs. I can confirm that the cursor does jump to top of note after every manual Sync, but this is also occuring randomly at other times. I've got Sync set to perform automatically every hour.
  5. I'm also experiencing this same issue.
  6. As per the release notes: "- More easily manage and navigate your notebooks from the Notebooks View. You can access this by selecting 'Notebooks' from the left panel." When I click on 'Notebooks' in the left panel, only a list of all notes appears in the note panel.
  7. I see this on my account settings subscription page. First screen leads me to believe I will be renewed on 10 July 2016 at the old rate of 45$ per year. Your Subscription: Premium (Annual) You pay USD45.00 per year through PayPal. This subscription will renew on 7/10/16. But... when I click on the "update subscription" button in hopes of renewing at the old rate, I get this instead: EVERNOTE PREMIUM View all plans USD7.99/month USD69.99/yearBest value: save 27%! Your current Evernote Premium annual subscription will be active until 7/10/16. On that date, we will start billing this credit card USD69.99 per year for Evernote Premium. Confirm update =================== SO... appears that there is no grace period for renewal at old rate. I really love Evernote and will continue to subscribe, confident that more improvements will be coming soon.
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