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  1. I submitted it. They were able to reproduce it. And, to summarize they're response, they have more pressing issues than this one to deal with first.
  2. This has been happening to me for quite sometime. It's annoying as ***** and is definitely a bug. The only way to stop the background play of a youtube video is to start the evernote app and then kill it. It comes right back, though, the next time I share a video with evernote or even just start up the evernote app to look for a note. Currently I have a Note 9.
  3. When I open the Evernote Android app it starts playing youtube in the background. It also triggers background play when I use the youtube share feature to share a video with Evernote. After I've shared the video to Evernote Youtube will random stop the video I'm watching and play something else in the background. I have a galaxy note 9. Does this happen to anyone else?
  4. I'm using the most up-to-date version of chrome (aka 68 32bit) as well and the clipper is still broken. As has been previously stated, on some web pages only book marks can be clipped on others only the simplified page can be clipped. Roughly 95% of the time the article version can't be clipped. I'm getting multiples of clips too. This only started after the most recent clipper update. The web clipper is almost unusable right now. Something has been broken by the recent update.
  5. Firefox 55.0.3 is not working either. The YouTube option does not show up.
  6. Same thing is happening to me as Rick. Same chrome version.
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