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  1. I have the newest version of the Android app now and don't have that issue anymore - 10.12.1 build 3115308. Check your version to see if it's up to date.
  2. Here's a link to the legacy app if you still need it - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  3. Pink Elephant please don't respond further to this thread. Your input has proven to have no value. YT was an example of a bad bug in the android app that took EN staff over a year to address. It was merely an example of why my expectations are low in regard to having issues addressed by EN. You, apparently, totally missed that point. Imagine clipping a YT page and then hours later your phone, sitting on your desk with the screen off suddenly starts blaring a YT video. That's a serious bug and they did reproduce it. Yet it remained unfixed for over a year. Get it now? And now you tell this other gentleman that the legacy windows app is EOL. That doesn't help him. The only thing it says is "suck it up buttercup and deal with it". Very helpful. And the fact that you don't get the value of grep-like search capability tells me you have little IT expertise because you just...don't....get...it. My legacy windows app was replaced by EN without telling me that the 'upgrade' was going to uninstall it. I was not happy about that. And am REALLY not happy to discover a feature I heavily depend on doesn't seem to be there - Create Table of Contents. Please don't respond to this post either unless you have something truly constructive to provide and not one of your dead-end comments.
  4. I've been using that Amazon clip option for a good number of years. It appears in the Save Clip dialogue list of clip formats, but only when clipping an Amazon page (like the Youtube option in this screen shot). Not even sure why you are commenting in this thread if you don't use this. Doesn't really provide much value to resolving this issue.
  5. I think we understand that. The main point for posting about Windows as well as MAC is that it's not a platform specific problem. This issue with clipping Amazon products is happening in both 'worlds'. Perhaps that is what that person intended. I know it's the reason I posted since I'm working with Windows as well. I have submitted a support ticket. But the only suggestions I have so far have not addressed the issue (e.g. re-install clipper, clear cache etc) I had already re-installed the chrome extension before they even suggested it. Seems like a cookie cutter support response. I had submitted that I was seeing the issue in both Firefox and Chrome on my personal laptop and in Firefox on my work laptop (didn't try chrome). The fact that I'm seeing this issue in multiple laptops, multiple browsers, different browser versions, multiple OS's (per this thread) suggests a bigger issue than local corruption of data/configurations of the clipper.
  6. This is happening on Windows 10 in both Firefox and Chrome. Should I submit a ticket as well?
  7. Have to side with 4Everbuggy. The ability to search for literal strings, even those with non-character elements, has been around for years (eg grep escape characters and pattern matching). I understand design decisions, but this seems like a miss. I'm not going to bother to harp on when if ever this will get added. I was forced to live over a year in limbo waiting for a nasty bug in Android to get fixed that caused youtube to play spontaneously at random times after clipping a video earlier in the day.
  8. Supposedly the newest version of EN on Android does. I have no way to confirm because almost two months after release it's still not available in the Play store for me. The only version I see on the store is 8.13 and that has this issue. All I get from support is a verbal handjob. Needless to say I stopped paying for the subscription until it gets fixed.
  9. I got pretty much the same response. I always assumed that once a new version for any app was put in the Store it was available for everyone. After I received that response I was curious why it wasn't the case. So I did some digging. Apparently Google has a feature that allows developers to do staged roll-outs based on percentages. For example, they setup the rollout for 5%. After 5% of their current user base gets the update then the new version is no longer available. That percentage can then be adjusted over time to allow more people to get the new version. So to say the rollout stopped is not entirely accurate. It's still happening. But most likely they are trying to address bugs in that initial group before increasing the percentage. It would be nice if they clearly communicated this. It would have alleviated some of my frustrations.
  10. Ever have a youtube video or ad start playing hours later from an inactive phone sitting next to you? Any time I clipped a youtube video that would happen to me regularly. That was in the 8.13 version (which is the version currently available to me in the store). It's why I no longer pay for EN. And is why I'm not okay with a slow roll out. It's almost 2021 and I'm still waiting for a fix to a bug I reported over a year ago.
  11. All this talk about beta builds is fine and dandy, but it doesn't change the fact that the well touted december upgrade is still not available in the Play store for many people. And there has been zero communication as to why. Based on the reviews I've been reading I'm guessing there are serious problems with it and they've stopped the roll out. There wouldn't be talk of newer versions already from beta testers otherwise. I was a premium subscriber since around 2012 until earlier this year and stopped due to a bug they acknowledged and wouldn't fix. They promised it would be fixed soon, but kept stringing me along. They last told me this new december release would fix it. But apparently they can't deliver that either.
  12. I see the same thing when accessing the appstore from a computer. I would prefer if someone from EN support would actually respond to this.
  13. It's not just the German Play store. I have an android 10 phone (note20 ultra) and it's still not showing as an available update. If they stopped the rollout they should at least acknowledge that and provide updated release information. The 8.13 version that I have has a bug that plays random youtube videos/ads in the background after clipping a youtube video forcing me to stop using the app entirely. I was assured that this new version had the fix for this. But I can't verify that until I get the new version.
  14. Exactly how long is this going to take? It's 12/18 and this new version is STILL not available even though I'm an Android 10 user. I used to be a subscriber, but canceled my subscription due to a bug in the current android version that plays youtube videos in the background randomly after clipping a video. I want to see if they finally fixed the damn bug so I can re-subscribe.
  15. I hate it too, but you don't have to close all apps. Just force close the Evernote app. I have android. I display the running apps and close Evernote. That shuts down the background YouTube. It's not fool proof. Sometimes it starts back up later at random times. It works 95% of the time.
  16. I submitted it. They were able to reproduce it. And, to summarize they're response, they have more pressing issues than this one to deal with first.
  17. This has been happening to me for quite sometime. It's annoying as ***** and is definitely a bug. The only way to stop the background play of a youtube video is to start the evernote app and then kill it. It comes right back, though, the next time I share a video with evernote or even just start up the evernote app to look for a note. Currently I have a Note 9.
  18. When I open the Evernote Android app it starts playing youtube in the background. It also triggers background play when I use the youtube share feature to share a video with Evernote. After I've shared the video to Evernote Youtube will random stop the video I'm watching and play something else in the background. I have a galaxy note 9. Does this happen to anyone else?
  19. I'm using the most up-to-date version of chrome (aka 68 32bit) as well and the clipper is still broken. As has been previously stated, on some web pages only book marks can be clipped on others only the simplified page can be clipped. Roughly 95% of the time the article version can't be clipped. I'm getting multiples of clips too. This only started after the most recent clipper update. The web clipper is almost unusable right now. Something has been broken by the recent update.
  20. Firefox 55.0.3 is not working either. The YouTube option does not show up.
  21. Same thing is happening to me as Rick. Same chrome version.
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