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  1. Yeah, as far as I can see, EN stores against UTC. Which makes sense, to have an absolute point in time. But apparently Legacy has logic built in which says "let's transpose this all to this timezone", and for whatever reason EN10 does not. Now comes the scary part... Is that one of those "only 2% of the users need this, and for those we have decided they actually don't" feature changes EN is infamous for, or is it an oversight...
  2. Yeah, @Piotas I know. Using Legacy still for the real work. Just testing EN10, see what works how. My experience is one better get used to it. Better to work with what is than what is wished for. No real alternative for Evernote at my scale. Nimbus is promising but doesn't have search down at 40,000 notes
  3. Yup -- some notes from the previous day show up on the next day. Also see it happening for manually created notes, so it's not limited to IFTTT. The cutoff point is 7 PM EST. Then it shows in the created search for yesterday; after that time, it shows up as today
  4. 9:07 PM for the two notes of the 22nd that don't show. 8:47 PM for the two notes on the 21st that show in the results for the 22nd instead. Each created via an IFTTT applet that pulls from a feed. The timestamps match when those notes should have come in. When I travelled in different time zones, what you see is that the timestamp actually changes depending on where you are. As these timestamps match when they should have been created, I don't think it's a timezone issue
  5. Good ideas! Filter gives same results: 18 notes with 2 missing from the 22nd but 2 from the 21st added. created:20201122 shows all notes from the 22nd, but again adds those 2 notes from the 21st In theory it could be a timezone issue _but_ the note's timestamp is correct
  6. Ah yes, you too. Seems for some strange reason really have to do with the account size. Very strange. If you keep Shortcuts open, you can actually see the tagged notes appear in Recent Notes. And ... it.... goes.... slowwwww.... It's not consistent either. When I remove tag/add tag to the same set of notes, time can go down to "just" 40 seconds
  7. Good idea, to check the web version. Yup, there too. Legacy has it perfectly normal. In both cases they are IFTTT created notes, but in both cases the notes were added and synced at the right day. And the timestamp they have *is* for the right day. Just doesn't show up like that.
  8. created:day-1 -created:day (a "yesterday" search) misses 2 notes created via IFTTT that day. When I expand the search to day-2, it does show them. The created date/time on the note is yesterday, 9:07 PM. Meanwhile the yesterday search itself does include 2 such similar notes, now from the day before. Evernote Legacy search shows results as expected: with each note appearing within the correct "created" search
  9. On my primary account I have close to 40,000 notes. Selecting up to 20 notes which I known are on the local machine, applying a tag to the multi-selection takes 3-4 minutes on an Intel i7, 32 GB RAM machine. Switching to my secondary, test account, where I have 300 notes, doing the same thing takes only 8 seconds. Before trying to figure out more, I'd love to know if anyone else has this issue; if it's related to the overall size of the account
  10. It's not just losing focus: it's creating one or more new notes with characters from the (new) search.
  11. I rolled back to Normal PDF viewer. Reasonable editor, especially compared to the forgetful focus issue. Besides the introduction of issues, for me, like forgetful focus in notes, now forgetful focus in repeated searches, the lesser quality PDF viewer, lag when switching between notes, and the addition of a New Note button I never ever have felt a need for, I don't really see what the new releases are doing. There is no roadmap to compare to either so God knows what the intended direction of these releases is.
  12. True. If that was important for me, though, I would use Filterize's "Enforce tag hierarchy" option to make sure everything is also tagged with the parent tag(s). The thing for me is this; I'm not advocating tags vs notebooks or vice versa -- I'm looking how I can make things work within what Evernote is and does. Exactly. I have recipes with under it things like recipes.bread, recipes.pizza etc.
  13. You can name, setup, and nest your tags any way you like. Here's a part of my "notebook" tag tree. If you like or prefer thinking in the notebook terminology, just name them like that or think of them like that. It can work really well. As to your question: no, all signs over the past 10 years point to Evernote not expanding on anything notebook-related: not their number, not more levels, etc.
  14. In Outlook 2016, when opening a PST file, clipping those emails will use the default email address from which you sent in Outlook and only that address. However, if you import the file, clips will shows as "Original Person <original email address> (you default email address)"
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