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  1. FYI... I'm using the free Apple "Voice Memos" app on the macbook, iPad and iPhone for now. It has much better sound than the old integrated Evernote voice feature. However, it is a pain to use... more steps to my workflow. Hope they add the evernote audio recorder back soon.
  2. Was the Evernote Audio Recording feature deleted from the new Mac evernote app? I've looked all over help, google search and asked my contacts. I can't find an answer. It's a key part of our research workflow. Thanks for any feedback
  3. What a wonderful youtube sharing the behind the scenes work by Amir and his team. Congrats and keep up the great work! Thanks!
  4. Sorry to hear about your problems with evernote. We use macbooks and the problem finally stopped after one of the evernote updates. It was a real pain when it was going on and I was close to removing Evernote from my laptops and just use the web browser only. Barry PS I've been watching the new behind the scenes youtube videos by Ian Small, the new CEO and loving them. I'm excited about the changes coming in Evernote and the progress on fixing the bugs. Phil Lebon
  5. Same problem just started today for me. It looks like evernote has had this problem for a month and it's spreading. How can they not fix this after a month of complaints. Not good!
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