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  1. Hi, Its shocking that a new device got added to my evernote devices, an Iphone with an IP being shown up as from Ukraine. Its definitely not me, the access to my account was a breach. My password was confidential, and I don't understand how this breach happened. You have to act on this, I have seen many people reporting this similar security on evernote breach even before. I have changed the passwords, added 2FA and revoked the hacker device. I need an explanation of how this happened and a detailed logs of the activity during the unauthorized access. You cannot just blame on the possibility of a shared password or reused password. This is being repeated for multiple customers and you respond to them like its the customers fault. You should have the intelligence to identify hackers/customers based on the geo info, usage pattern etc. In these cases the geo itself can raise the question of a valid access. I didn't even get a notification email on this new ip, new devise, new geo from which the breach happened. Its pure negligence from your side Am attaching the access history, Hoping for a log of what and how ASAP.
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