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  1. What browser on what operating system are you using? If you are using Mac OS, in Safari you can right-click the toolbar and select "customize toolbar", and re-add those buttons. If Google Chrome, you might need to go to Chrome>Preferences>Extensions, and use the options for the specific extension to show the button.
  2. You choose the passphrase when you encrypt the text. If you want to chance the pass, you need to select "decrypt text permanently", then re-encrypt it using your new passphrase. Encryption only works at the "text level", that is, only on selected text. Since you cannot encrypt at the note level, you cannot encrypt multiple notes at a time, since you cannot perform any function on any text in multiple notes simultaneously (for example, you cannot bold the text in three notes, you must individually bold text three separate times...). You must enter each note, select all the text you want encrypted, encrypt it, and move to the next note. If Evernote ever allows note- or notebook-level encryption, encrypting multiple notes could be a possibility, but until then....
  3. Posting four times doesn't make your point any stronger. As has been pointed out to you at least two other times, this can be disabled by un-checking the box at the bottom of the annotation screen (Mac) or in the context menu for the attachment (windows)
  4. Personally I like this feature a lot. It's a real dream for some of the major editing I do. But I'm glad to have the option because I don't always need it.
  5. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of the email, I suggest you contact support directly. This is a user forum so you aren't necessarily going to get a direct response from EN staff, though as I quoted above, staff do chime in.
  6. Here is an Evernote employee confirming the Evernote does request you verify your address. are you looking for something more specific?
  7. This is unrelated to two-factor verification. enabling two-factor is a fairly labour intensive process, you'll know if you're getting anywhere near there. This email verification also has nothing to do with whether you use email on your phone or not.... you can click "verify" from any device. If you access your email on your computer, just click verify there. The purpose is so that Evernote knows that it is a valid email address that you check. It doesn't care whether you access it from your phone, your computer, your friend's computer, or the public library.
  8. Yeah between what Boatguy is reporting and all of the "old version overwrote new version" problems, it seems like sync is having some big issues.
  9. This is very troubling indeed. I suspect it might really get bogged down when dealing with a large number of notes. My offline notebooks are generally small (usually 3-15 notes) and I don't encounter issues with one or two notebooks like that. It seems that at a certain point, Evernote gets clogged up... That needs some fixin'
  10. My partner and I use Mint for our household budgeting (obligatory cloud service warning here... we're taking our chances with this). In general all of our banking transactions get processed by mint just fine, but in many cases we need to split transactions (we like to separate alcohol from food purchases, and cat food from cat litter, and household goods from groceries, etc). Since credit card transactions take a few days to process, it isn't possible to make this change immediately. So what we do in these cases is scan the receipt into Evernote and tag it "mint". Then, next time we visit mint, we also open Evernote, search for the "mint" tag, displaying all the receipts that need to be "split" in Mint. Once we do the split, we delete the scanned receipt from Evernote, ensuring "mint" tag only ever contains receipts that need to be manually split. Most of these receipts aren't important for long term storage so they aren't kept around any longer than is required for our budgeting purposes. Mint does all of the arithmetic and tracking, and Evernote works to facilitate using Mint more effectively, it could never replace Mint.
  11. If we are going to dwell on what is on or off topic.... The OP hasn't mentioned offline notebooks, so it isn't clear that they were the issue, thus it isn't clear your rant about them is ON topic. But, let's put that aside. You have posted an interesting test here (if only you had done that at the outset instead of an unclear rant...). This is somewhat troubling. To me it sounds like a feature is broken, not that Evernote is being misleading.... I don't know which one is worse, though I'd like to think that Evernote being broken is at least an honest mistake. This definitely needs to be fixed. Cwb, god forbid you should ever be a little left of the mark when trying to be helpful, or ever. I'm sorry, I am just not willing to clear several gigabytes of free space, download my Evernote database and run it brought the paces as a volunteer. My goodwill does not stretch that far. Instead I relied on my experience with a SIMILAR context, that is, several notebooks set to "offline", and based on that, made my attempt to help. It seems that two users had different experiences (not surprising, though it shouldn't be this way). It also seems that downloading "all notes" seems to be prone to problems compared to downloading individual notebooks. And just because my post wasn't entirely correct doesn't entitle a user to respond aggressively. The tone of my initial response to Boatguy was not argumentative or pedantic, at least it wasn't supposed to be, and honestly, Boatguy's post wasn't entirely clear and was a bit vague (which isn't a problem, but it might produce unexpected responses), so I worked with what I had. Since I am unwilling to exactly reproduce what a fellow user is doing, I will be leaving this thread due to my woeful degree of ignorance. A note: no user can delete posts, so I couldn't delete my inept responses if I wanted to, though I suppose someone with over 300 posts could hide then with th "remove spam" function. I'll let the community of 300+ers decide the fate of those posts. Oops, looks like I can delete my own posts.... still getting used to these different moderator powers. Nevertheless, I'll let the community decide if my bouts of ignorance should be removed or not.
  12. Regardless of the significance of the feature to one group of users or another, I think it is poor form to remove features without making the change publicly known. If Customer Support is experiencing some significant belt-tightening, as the recent CS changes imply, why let users submit support tickets only to find out it was an intentional change made by EN? As I see it, announcing the change would save those precious CS resources. But I also don't run a tech company so... what do I know.
  13. Denying the feature exists only undermines your credibility. If you can't speak to the feature, then don't. Being an "evangelist" (definition: • a zealous advocate of something: he is an evangelist of junk bonds.) is not the same as being an expert.The feature does exist, it's reasonable to expect it to download all notes AND their attachments. I have 20GB Of free storage and the phone has spent numerous nights plugged in and connected to WiFi. Perhaps as you suggest a "glitch" occurred, also known as a BUG and part EN's notoriously poor QA. What a strange and vitriolic response to an honest attempt to help a fellow user....1) I never claimed to be an expert, and the evangelist badge (which will disappear this week from all of us evangelists) doesn't imply being an expert either. The only thing it implied (because it is no longer true) was that I had some special moderation powers (most of which are now available to most regular forum contributors). THat means I am free (and have always been free) to be wrong and shoot my own mouth off as much as I wish. The badge isn't itself a sign of credibility. The only credibility I have, if I have any at all, is to be gleaned from whatever the contributions I make in these forums. NOTE: There are no more evangelists. These badges are a relic of the past and will disappear soon. 2) The original poster did not make any mention of Offline Notebooks or the Download All Notes feature. Quite abruptly you barged in here and brought those features up, even though they did not pertain to the original topic. You said they were mis-represented, but you didn't describe specifically the problem you experienced. In addition, your post contained some misinformation. Headers are always already downloaded by default for all users. The download all notes feature or offline notebooks is not required for headers to be downloaded, they are INTENDED to retrieve note contents and store them locally. If that isn't occurring, that is because there is a problem (a bug, user error, a random glitch...) not because it has been mis-represented. Something being described incorrectly or misleadingly, as you are claiming is the case here, is very different from something going awry and not working as it was intended. How about some troubleshooting. What happens if you select one or two notebooks to be available offline? Do those notebooks behave as expected? That is, are the contents of that notebook or two available offline? If they are, it suggests that there may be a problem with the "download all notes" setting in particular.
  14. The problem was that I wasn't looking at anything Indeed that wording is there. I don't see any reason why that shouldn't work as described, except if the user doesn't give the application adequate time to download the notes, doesn't have adequate space for the notes on their device, or a glitch occurred. I use a couple of offline notebooks regularly and have never encountered an issue. While only an anecdote versus an anecdote, my impression of the feature is in line with how the feature is described.... Granted I've never used the "download all notes" setting because doing so would obliterate my phone's storage, so I can't speak to how that exact feature works, though from the looks of it, that feature is identical to individually enabling all notebooks to be offline, so it can't really be that different, can it?
  15. I don't know whether it plagues all phones or not. It certainly plagues the two iPhone 4s phones in my house. I imagine it is probably worse on older phones, but I suspect any fix for an older phone would help with newer phones, especially if it is a memory management issue.
  16. Evernote folks are aware that this is a persistent issue. I've sent some personal rants their way myself, as i have found this immensely frustrating. They are working very hard to fix this so keep your eyes peeled for updates coming down the pipes.
  17. No problem and good luck. Playing around really is the best way to go with EN. I've found the best and the worst thing about EN is its flexibility. It can do a lot and then some, but none of it is handed to you on a platter.
  18. This is a very real problem. The "Download All Notes" feature for Premium users seriously mis-represents the actual functionality (a common theme at EN - over promise and under deliver). It stores offline anything that you have accessed on your device, beyond that you just get headers. The setting should be named "Download All Notes Headers" and there should be another setting that actually downloads all the notes AND the attachments. Further, I'd like to see those attachments pushed to my remote device, perhaps with a "WiFi Only" option. I frequently have large attachments that I share with others and want to access when I'm away from WiFi. I don't want to wait while a 30MB drawing is downloaded over LTE, or worse when I don't have a good data connect at all. It's time that EN delivered on "Download All Notes". I think there is a misunderstanding here. There is no premium feature called "download all notes", and the feature you are actually referring to doesn't misrepresent itself in the slighted. Premium users have the ability to specify certain notebooks to be available on their mobile devices without a network connection. The user must manually choose WHICH notebooks. They are all OFF by default. For any notebook the users chooses to make available offline, the entire contents of that notebook, headers, contents, and attachments, are downloaded to the device storage permanently. Meanwhile, all other content that was not in that specific notebook defined by the user, will maintain the usual behaviour: download headers, cache entire contents of recently viewed notes. you can specify whether your device syncs on both a cellular and a wifi connection, or just on wifi. Premium users will have their content automatically refreshed in the background periodically. nowhere does the "offline notebooks" features promise anything about "downloading all notes", only the notes you specify (which, of course, could be all notes by selecting all notebooks). If you select all notebooks, it may be possible your device lacks sufficient space to accommodate your entire database, in which case I imagine errors and bad behaviour will ensue.
  19. We are moving into a more collaborative environment. Where sharing notebooks with individuals is a better collaborative approach when using Evernote as your workspace. We hope that this does not prevent you using Evernote!No, it certainly won't prevent me from using Evernote, but it has put an end to ONE important way I had been using Evernote until this point. As a result, I will no longer be able to use Evernote for tasks involving these collaborators. Always more than one way to do something, though, and I will undoubtably find an alternative method to collaborate in the context specifically affected by this change.
  20. In some respects I think this could be useful, however, the various possible workarounds have worked so well for me I'm not really wishing all that hard.... Two workarounds: 1) Create a reminder for a note you want to pin, but do not choose a date. This way that note will always show up in the reminders list which is always at the top of a given notebook. 2) If you are sorting by Date Updated, CHANGE the date updated to be in the year 2100 or something along those lines. This will pin it to the top as long as you are sorted by date updated. This is typically my strategy. If you have several, related notes you want to pin (I find this to be the case with travel itineraries, where you have a hotel confirmation, airline ticket, and some ground transport, or whatever) I often create a table of contents note and pin only that one note, rather than the three, four, or five that make up the entire itinerary all taking up space at the top. That way it doesn't matter where the actual note with my plane ticket is, since the TOC note is always at the top and in two clicks or taps, I'm at the desired itinerary document.
  21. This is an odd comment. I almost ALWAYS receive an email from companies that contains a clickable link to make verifying my account easy after just signing up. Serving a new user a link to click in an email rather than forcing them to copy/paste (which is not terribly convenient on any device, and terribly inconvenient on a mobile device), is a way to smooth out the sign-up process. That being said, clickable links in email are always something to be wary of these days, and you have to use some commons sense... Now, if one of these emails comes at an odd time (such as at some time when I haven't just submitted a sign-up form), I'd use due diligence and view the actual URL of the hyperlink, and of course, copy and paste rather than click the link, if the URL checks out as legitimate.
  22. I can confirm that existing public notes and notebooks still work, at least for now. It looks like public notes can still be made too, at least for now. It would seem that only public notebooks got the axe, at least as far as I can infer from the support response posted above and from experimenting. Without an official public announcement though, all we have is inference....
  23. Gazumped is a fellow user, not an Evernote employee, and therefor has nothing to do with fixing your problem. I remember seeing a bug ages ago (last fall, or perhaps this winter...?) in which, on iOS, the wrong note body would be displayed. But that issue had been resolved earlier this year. As to why it occurred with you, using presumably the most up-to-date version of EN for iOS, is a stumper. Looks like it was a short-term quirk that has resolved itself. It's a shame it occurred at such a critical moment. Good opportunity to learn to always have some type of backup. (Evernote should also consider revisiting a mobile web interface which could have saved your butt in this instance... But they ditched that a while back, unfortunately). Remember, we are your fellow users, not employees of Evernote. NOT employees. Whether you want to explain your problem to us fellow users again or not is up to you, but be nice to us, we didn't write, design, or provide the customer support for the application you are struggling with, we are struggling right along side you.
  24. Nevertheless, It sounds like the change was made in the interest of security, but it isn't nice for users to get blindsided with changes, even those with good intentions.
  25. This is an unfortunate change. I used public notebooks frequently for various important tasks.... This is a big hit. I also loved viewing some public notebooks created by several EN Ambassadors. The public notebook was a great feature. I wish I had known it had been removed so that I could anticipate the change and modify my workflow appropriately in advance, rather than scramble to change things around and tell my collaborators in the last minute.
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