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  1. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! it seems that with a Premium Account one would be able to semi-customize the accounts. When I'm show my notes to clients I don't want them to see other clients folders cause well.. its just not cool!
  2. Is it possible to hide a note so it does not show up in the Note list. I meet with clients and as they look at my laptop and Evernote, this list remains on the side panel. Now I know I can just bring up a Notebook and only those items will show but often I have to jump from one note to another in a different Notebook. Thanks
  3. I would like to have Evernote create a Calendar that can be shared with community groups ie Churches, Groups. The purpose is to organize members of the groups to use the calendar for volunteer signups. They should be able to, all through a link, add their names to different activities for all to see. Is there such an app already? Thanks Bob
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