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  1. I cannot believe the design team made the 5-button shortcut bar push the entire screen over and take up the entire vertical column.Note content is now squeezed into less than half the width of the screen.This new layout feels absolutely terrible. Notes -- the primary content of the app -- feel crammed into the corner when browsing the note list. Note content should not be the same width as the note list, and overall take up less than 50% of horizontal screen space due to the space mostly wasted by the intrusive shortcut bar.Please roll back this design and let the screen breathe just a little. The current layout feels awful.
  2. It hasn't been updated in a year. Submitting feedback through the app just gives you an error message. The Evernote support Twitter account hasn't replied to a status request about it. This forum is super low-traffic and hasn't had an Evernote employee reply in forever. Scannable sure feels like abandonware to me ...
  3. In the latest Scannable app, on iOS 11.0.3, you cannot submit product feedback. If you go to Settings->Feedback->Submit Feedback, it just pops up an error message that says "Unable to submit feedback at this time." That's pretty bad.
  4. My wife and I were affected by this bug in a shared notebook. I even opened a support ticket on it, but we haven't received such an email despite our account definitely being affected on the one note where I noticed it (though who knows how many others may have been affected). Are other users slipping through the cracks with these notifications as well?
  5. What was the cause of this bug? It might help to know what made it happen, in terms of tracking down notes that were affected. I.e. if it was notes in certain types of notebooks, opened in the iOS client instead of the Mac one, etc ...
  6. Yeah, the offline notes feature is basically a tire fire. Downloaded notes sometimes get silently deleted during regular app updates, and Evernote does a terrible job of downloading them even if you turn off the feature, clear your cache, and re-enable them. It doesn't seem to be able to do much of it in the background, so you just have to leave the app open for extended periods and hope that another future bug doesn't delete them all again without telling you.
  7. Please add the ability to select and copy text when in view mode. For an app that's all about storing information for later review, it makes no sense that you can't select and copy text from view mode. You can copy from edit mode, of course, but drag selection is pretty buggy and the keyboard takes up half the screen on iOS, so it's harder to select large blocks of text in edit mode. Plus, going into edit mode increases the chances that you'll accidentally mess up the content of the note itself (cutting instead of copying, or moving things around while fighting the sub-par bulk selection).
  8. I have some notes with long strings, like file paths or long urls. On the Mac client, they wrap properly to the screen width. And when you're in editing mode on the iOS client, they wrap properly as well. But in view mode on the iOS client they don't wrap, and since they have to fit on one line they end up making the rest of the text look ridiculously small and hard to read. See the attached screenshots. This is in the brand new version of Evernote with the new note editor (version 7.16, released on August 30th). Reported as bug 1794028.
  9. Why is it taking so long to fix this bug? It’s been around for a month now. Given the recent price hike on Evernote, users expect better and faster support than this.
  10. This wasn't happening to me before, but it started happening to me when I upgraded to 6.8 today. Super annoying. I've been a paying customer for years; i don't want an upsell popping up every time I restart the app, especially since I already pay for Premium.
  11. This is promising (and much-needed). Is there anywhere I could look for more details, or is this more of just a thing that's been mentioned here and there?
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