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  1. In the little pop down menu that emerges from the search field, you should have the option to save search, once saved you can drag it to the shortcuts area.
  2. I did about 15 cards and it worked very well! Sometimes cards with non-typical layouts caused some grief, and sometimes perfectly good photos were oddly cut off on one edge or another, usually cards with dark backgrounds. But really on,y a small minority needed manual fixing.
  3. This cannot be done. Both operating systems have hugely different underlying capabilities and requirements and limitations. Just "porting" is impossible and would ultimately produce a hugely inferior app on BOTH platforms. To adequately accommodate those limitations and optimize for the specific capabilities requires building from the ground up on each platform. Personally, having just set my tech-moderate mother up with Evernote on her android and Windows devices, I have to say I cannot stand the appearance and organization of the android app, which is, of course, solely my opinion and not actually a problem with the app.
  4. Same problem. Nothing resolves this. I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it. Now it won't even let me sign in. Crashes immediately on startup. IOS 7.0.4 Iphone user. Have either of you tried the workaround provided by Evernote and others in this thread? Disabling Evernote's access to your devices Contacts should provide some stability.
  5. Shoe, You are correct, you are currently unable to create a new notebook within a stack. New notebooks always appear outside of a stack and require dragging. I agree, it would be nice to be able to right-click on a stack and create a new notebook right inside. That being said, notebook and stack creation is not likely to be a daily occurrence. For example, my structure is reasonable stable from week to week, month-to-month. Typically I only need to add new notebooks when a new project comes up or I have a new teaching obligation, so every 4 months or so. As such, whether such a task takes 5 minutes or 10 minutes doesn't really make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Your suggestion is likely to save seconds and not minutes. But I am fairly flexible and my workflow not terribly particular, and my work not based on minutes and seconds. Perhaps your situation is the opposite, in which case I can understand how this minor feature could be a near-deal-breaker for you.
  6. I agree, allowing you to, say, right click on a stack and create a new notebook within that stack would probably be nice. However I hardly think this is software ruining "oversight". Creating notes and notebook is still a one-click or one-key-command away. Stacking them can be done at a later moment once the ideas are down.
  7. Command-N makes a new note. Command-Shift-N makes a new notebook. That's pretty darn quick. Drag things into a stack whenever you have a moment like when you're sitting on the subway on your way home. Is that seriously a big deal?
  8. This is strange behaviour. I have taken notes in Penultimate for extended periods of time without experiencing a loss of connection. Have you contact support or opened a support ticket?
  9. I have never experienced this sort of problem.
  10. One of the main reasons why neither company has made a public statement about "issues" with the Jot Script is that it is not clear that there are "issues" with it. That is, it is not clear exactly if there is some widespread problem that might indicate a fundamental design flaw in the Jot Script that deserves a press release and product recall. I am sure that Evernote and Adonit will publicly shame themselves if they find there really is a flaw in the design of the unit. Until then, open a support ticket.
  11. More than likely, yes. Applications are not able to overwrite a user's privacy settings, such as access to contacts, so you'll have to go in and grant it access again.
  12. You'll know because Evernote will release an update for the application. They may or may not explicitly mention this issue as FIXED in the release notes.
  13. I agree, at some point a more sophisticated and flexible integration with Penultimate, for example, would be fantastic.
  14. This works for bulleted lists on Mac and there are dedicated keys above the keyboard on iOS. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to do a "block quote" style indent or a paragraph, that is, indent a passage without a bullet.
  15. I have only noticed this using the business card scanner, but yes, it crashes almost every other time I try to scan a card.
  16. I don't know about windows, but on the Mac client (and the Evernote Web client when accessed on a Mac) allows you to: 1) Select text 2) right click on selection 3)Transformations>Upper Case/Lower Case/Capitalize This allows you to convert the selected text to ALL CAPS all lowercase or Title Case.
  17. I have dabbled in IQTELL a bit and it looks to be a solid productivity platform with good email and evernote integration, among other things. I did find it relatively complicated so if you plan on using it to collaborate with less tech-savvy people, be prepared to become ad hoc tech support, or for them to reject it because they're too busy to learn something new. Ultimately I didn't need what IQTELL offered so I stopped using it, but not because it wasn't good. I think IQTELL is definitely powerful, so long as you bring all of your stuff into it, I think that is when it works its best. Also it has been around for a few years so not necessarily "infant". A lot of the complaints from that review you posted looked pretty idiosyncratic, or workflow specific, aside from the obvious complaints about being a website based service (which is a pretty big drag, but then again, that's why we have our evernote clients open in our docks too right? for those desktop filesystem things we need to get done!)
  18. You may want to contact the developer of Everclip for support, as it is not an Evernote product. but there may be a user here that may know.
  19. I can sympathize with the desire to have everything in one place, but I don't mind too terribly much the two-system approach. Some day the system of my dreams may come about but for now I'm happy and more effective than I was before! Gneo is intriguing, but I think a desktop version will be needed to win me over, and I understand one is in the works. The only other problem is that my spouse and I use evernote and Wunderlist to coordinate personal and household things, and while I am happy to pay for evernote premium—and Wunderlist is free—I doubt I could sell my spouse on Gneo at $10 (plus whatever the desktop version costs). So there's that inertia for me I guess! I do like the look of Gneo though...... hmmm.....
  20. I personally use Wunderlist (I suppose you could use whatever list-oriented application you like here like Remember the Milk. I've chosen Wunderlist) for the majority of my day-to-day stuff since it is available on all my devices. Wunderlist gets the less information intensive stuff and the items that recur very frequently such as ever few days or every week. Other longer-term recurring tasks that are not information heavy go in there too such as "take the ring to jewellers" - recurs every 6 months but no additional information is needed so Evernote is excessive. I also use Evernote for tasks but usually those that are more information-intensive. For example, if there are forms that need to be filled and submitted on a particular day (pet licence renewal, for example), or if there is information relevant to a future meeting or project, it goes in Evernote, filed appropriately, with a reminder set for the date on which action is required (such as a few minutes before a meeting). Sometimes I combine the two. For example, I might create an item in Wunderlist but use an evernote note link in Wunderlist's comment field (I do this with my calendar too!). The great thing about this is that Mac and iOS devices both understand the evernote:/// link, so in wunderlist/Calender, when you click that link it opens the appropriate note in Evernote. This is my strategy! Hope this helps.
  21. I understand your frustration, and a part of the issue if Evernote's ambition. They appear to really be into rapid development, in addition to being radically cross-platform. With this set of ambitions, the possibility of something breaking or of breaking something is very HIGH. 1) Every time a new feature (or even a bug fix) is rolled out, it could potentially cause a break somewhere else, even with extensive beta testing. The impact of a new feature will differ on each platform as well, and sometimes the outcome could be unexpected or unanticipated, or could be harder to fix than expected. It may also require that other clients on different platforms also be modified to accommodate a fix in another client. 2) In addition to Evernote breaking thing themselves is the possibility that an update to any of the supported OSs could break something. Of course there are developer previews for most OSs, think of all the supported platforms and the development schedule of each platform, officially annual for iOS and OSX, something around annual for Android and Windows, none of these occurring at the same time. This means for any given platform, a new release could break something that Evernote has to chase down while actively maintaining all other clients, ensuring a fix on one client doesn't create issues on another, updating other clients to accommodate the fix on the first, all while pursuing new features and fixing the problems they create for themselves with issue (1) above. This usually means that, when all clients are considered, they are almost perpetually hunting down bugs on one platform or another, many of which are the result of changes made to the host OS/Platform, and which may not be easily fixed during the developer preview period. This is not to excuse Evernote. Indeed there have been a number of gaffs that really make you wonder how they even made it out the door. But Evernote is ambitious and we are choosing to use (and pay for) the product and service of a pretty ambitious company, which means we choose to go along for the ride and hope our own needs don't get disrupted too badly along the way. Perhaps it would be nice if Evernote focused solely on stability and bug fixes, but when you look at the number of posts in these forums requesting features, a whole new set of users would rise up. Catch 22?
  22. Just tried this on 10.9 with Evernote 5.4.4 and evernote notes are showing up in Spotlight.
  23. Hi Rextilleon, I think you hit the nail on the head. They do their best to optimize their application for the widest possible variety of use cases, but inevitably there are shortcomings of one type or another. These could be related to hardware/OS limitations, or unanticipated use cases, or extreme difficulty in implementing the feature (especially across platforms, and often times it is minor or seemingly simple features that can be the most troublesome!), or because they simply do not see Evernote as being the optimal application/service for a particular use case and would rather not complicate it unnecessarily. Now, if you or I could develop the program of our dreams, that would really be something! Alas, we must work with someone else's vision of what the software ought to be which will always fall short here or there, no matter how good the developer is. Glad you enjoy Evernote and the community here is always happy to help or just "talk shop" about Evernote!
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