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  1. Strange that you don't see "Present". Can you confirm that the account you are logged into on your iPad is in fact a premium account? (just in case you have two accounts or something...) Are you using iOS 7 and the most recent version of Evernote for your iPad?
  2. Presentation mode is a premium feature. On the iPad the option should be under the ellipsis (the three dots) when you are viewing a note.
  3. The grab effect you are looking for can be achieved by scrolling with two fingers. This also has the effect of pausing drift, so wherever you two-finger scroll to will be where you remain until you begin writing again.
  4. Thx for that. The current beta doesnt include that feature. Occured to me that if the app would only sort by showing unchecked items first, that would be a big help Yeah that would significantly enhacne listmaking. Personally for highly dynamic lists with short actionable items, I generally use a dedicated to-do application (my weapon of choice is Wunderlist). Evernote does some things very well. Hosting highly dynamic lists unfortunately doesn't seem to be one of those things.
  5. The shared notebook is removed from everyone's accounts as soon as the owner has revoked access privileges. No action to "leave" a notebook is required by team members. If the person leaving the organization is the owner, as BnF says, someone else will have to re-share that notebook, but depending on how many people need to be invited (and whether or not you have their emails stored as a list somewhere to easily copy and paste!) this isn't a terribly onerous process.
  6. I have no problem copying notes from shared notebooks and business notebooks that I don't own into my personal notebooks. If you are leaving, just select all the notes in that notebook and copy them to a personally owned notbeook.
  7. Looks like annotating PDFs in the windows client still isn't possible (NOTE: Penultimate does not have any relationship to PDFs or PDF annotation whatsoever). I'm sure it is coming, at some point... it has been a long time since the fiasco that I am sure you are aware of from the other discussions: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42121-pdf-annotations-in-skitch-for-windows-desktop-possible/
  8. First it is important to understand that iOS 7 on iPad and iPhone severely limit the extent to which applications can communicate with each other. For example, on the iPad, it is not possible for one application to see or access files that belong to any other application. This means Mail cannot see files controlled by Word, or Application X or Application Y, or Application Z, for example. So, if we have a scenario like Evernote and Word, then we end up with a situation where Word and Evernote cannot directly communicate with one another. This is how iOS 7 was designed (NOTE: iOS 8, which will be released this fall, makes major changes to this, so many of these headaches will disappear come fall). This means developers of iOS applications have two options: 1) Use the "Open In..." feature to provide a user with a list of applications that can handle a particular file. Selecting an application from this list will copy that file to the other application. If you want to return that file to the original application after editing, that file must be "Open In...'ed" to the original application, which once again, copies that file. Now you have three files across two applications: In the first, you have the original file, and the modified file. In the second application you have the modified file. Ugh. 2) Use a cloud storage service to access files. This would be integrating dropbox or OneDrive into an application so that a user's files are in the cloud, and can be modified and synced back to the cloud through that cloud's facilities. So you might have PDF Expert and Notability, both of which have Dropbox Integration. You can view and edit a file in PDF Expert, the changes are immediately synced to Dropbox. You can then turn to Notability, access that same file (not a copy) in Dropbox, make changes, which are then pushed back to Dropbox. Evernote is not a traditional file storage service, and so few (if any) applications allow for direct access a la dropbox to files stored in Evernote. So Option 2 for allowing a sync-like behaviour from third-parties (or Evernote itself, in this case) is pretty much not a possibility (I think GoodReader is the only one that has a very basic form of file access with Evernote). Evernote DOES allow you to "open in..." so you can have a word document attached to a note, "Open In..." Microsoft Word, make your edits and.... ...you're stuck. The Office applications do not currently support saving to any third party storage services. You have OneDrive, and you have local storage on the iPad. That is it. To make things worse, Office does not offer the "open in..." option. So once you make your changes in Word your only option is to email the modified file to your Evernote email address. The result of this process is akin to what you would get out of option 1 outlined above, though the process is even more convoluted and frustrating. So what you are asking to do is not currently possible. Even the clunky workarounds are largely unavailable because of Microsoft's choices with the Office applications inasmuch as they don't allow any "open in..." option. Now, with the release of iOS 8, things might ease a little bit, but ultimately we'll have to wait and see about that.
  9. No, you only need one. Make sure both your username/email and password are correct.
  10. Emails sent from within Evernote are handled entirely by Evernote's servers, not the user's email account (Evernote does not have any users' email credentials and so therefore cannot send from users' email accounts). As such, there is no way to recall an email sent from Evernote. Even if the email service you run in your business offers that capability, the email was not sent through your servers.
  11. Ah I see. Well staff do read these boards so you can count on this request being noted by staff. You could also make feature requests through the support system if you would like a direct staff acknowledgement.
  12. uh, more details please. I notice this was tagged with "penultimate". I'm curious, what are you highlighting in Penultimate? Currently penultimate doesn't allow for the importing and annotating PDF documents or really any other file (except for the relatively un-helpful ability to import an image as a background). Skitch and the PDF annotation tools built into Evernote on mobile DOES contain a highlighter, though. Are you wanting to highlight handwritten material in Penultimate?
  13. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/62259-evernote-for-mac-56-public-beta-1/?p=286457 Not seeing anything in the release notes that pertains to this problem. Is this one of the "500 bugs" squashed in this release?
  14. Ok so all we need to do is make sure this rumour doesn't make it to the internet! Wait...
  15. For glossy cards, rather than obscuring the flash, try holding your phone off axis and at a bit of an angle. Evernote will correct for the tilted aspect.
  16. So notes in shared notebooks are available on your iOS device, they just don't show up in the "Notes" view, you have to go to that specific shared notebook to see them? Is that correct? That does seem a bit odd. not sure if that's by design or a bug or an oversight... Submit submit submit!.
  17. I am unable to reproduce this problem. Granted I have over 1000 notes, and about 375 of them are shared with my partner, and another 50 shared with another party, so the math isn't as easy for me to do. That being said, a cursory look at "notes" in iOS suggests that notes in those various shared notebooks are appearing (I can't speak to the numbers, but I can definitely see notes that are in those shared notebooks). Now, I happen to be the owner of all of the shared notebooks, and it sounds like your are not the owner, which might make a difference. On your iOS device, what do you see when, rather than going to "notes", you go to any of those shared notebooks. Are their contents visible? Have you contacted support? Might as well open a ticket with them while we help you tinker around here in the forums.
  18. I think you hit the nail on the head. For whatever reason, Evernote has chosen to not allow for an elaborate hierarchy. If the flat structure of Evernote works for you, or you can make it work for your needs, great. There are 100 million users who seem to be able to make it work. If you absolutely need hierarchy and are unable to adapt to the flat structure of Evernote (I'm sure there's about 100 million or more people in this camp too), then it seems perfectly rational to move along to something else.
  19. I think we should see some significant improvements in this in the fall/winter with the release of iOS 8. The power will be given to developers to allow applications to essentially permit certain elements of their feature set, or certain files in their sandbox to be accessed by other applications. This will mean that, as a hypothetical example, GoodNotes or PDFExpert could give another application like Evernote access to their hand-writing or pdf annotating tools. This means you wouldn't have to copy the file out of evernote into GoodNotes or PDF Expert in order to annotate it, then copy it back. You could do the GoodNote edit RIGHT IN EVERNOTE. Of course, that's just a hypothetical example, it is up to the developers of say, GoodNote or PDF Expert to make these features available (and some features aren't allowed to be extended like that). Anyway, details here: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2014/06/explaining-ios-8s-extensions-opening-the-platform-while-keeping-it-secure/ So it's a bit clunky right now because Evernote doesn't offer great handwriting and iOS 7 significantly limits how files can be accessed between apps (that is, they can't be accessed at all), so you end up having to copy here, copy there, and copy back. Ugh. File freedom will come in the form of an OS update .
  20. I use PDF Expert on my iPad but the workflow is the same because of how iOS limits cross-application communication. Not much of a way to get around it until iOS 8 is released and developers take advantages of the cross-app communication features it brings with it that prevents these kind of Janky workflows.
  21. I'll have to leave the step- by-step directions to a user who uses android! I imagine somewhere in Evernote's settings on your device there's a setting called "suggested title" or "auto-title" or whatever the exact wording is on Android. While you wait for a fellow android user to chime in, you could peruse the app settings.
  22. The document camera which is what you would normally use for scanning a moleskin smart notebook DOES detect edges. Sometimes not successfully, but most of the time. Aspect ratio of the box is largely irrelevant. (Although I'll never understand why they use this odd box thing anyway.... Since it really doesn't matter given that it detects edges and thus removes the excess.)
  23. No, all notes created in Penultimate are created in a dedicated penultimate notebook. You can, however, right click on any image (which is a penultimate page), copy it, and paste it into a note in any notebook you please, or into an existing note with text. This images are searchable as you'd expect them to be. You can also right-click and "save as", then bring it back into another Evernote note. Since penultimate "notebooks" are actually Evernote "notes" you can create an awful lot of them, and apply tags to link them to your typed notes in another notebook. None of those are ideal, really, for placing hand-written text in-line with typed notes, but I don't know if Penultimate was really intended for that purpose. I think we may see some development in this are given the recent release of in-line handwriting on Android. No overnight changes though, I don't suspect.
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