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  1. I think, in general Evernote's export options are catering to the user who uses it primarily for notes, and mixed, annotated content, which is the user to whom it is marketed. If you are primarily looking for cloud storage of plain-jane files, a file system in the sky, then there are applications such as Bitcasa, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive (well, Google drive is a bit of a mongrel due to its ties to other Google services, but it could be a bare-bones cloud storage service if you wanted it to be), marketed towards that user. If you treat Evernote as a cloud storage service (a file system in the sky), then you are square-pegging a round hole. At least, that is my impression given how Evernote is primarily marketed. Similarly, if you tried to take notes on a specific file or set of files stored in Dropbox, you might find it difficult because Dropbox doesn't really offer the facilities for such thing. Your only options are to directly modify the contents of the file, or to create a separate document that references the file you are annotating. This would be equally square-pegging. Evernote's export options reflect the type of user they are marketing towards, the mixed-content, annotated, note-taker. If they were a bare-bones cloud storage file system in the sky, they wouldn't even need an export facility.
  2. I wish Evernote would spend more time working on an obvious and often-requested core feature than on advertising expensive products I'm not interested in and promoting its partnerships. Perhaps the whopping 10 or so posts requesting this feature do not necessarily convince Evernote that it is as "core" as you think it is. Personally I am pleased Evernote is directing its time towards things like ensuring the clipper is visible on small displays, and enhancing the text editor of the Evernote clients. If I need to create a new notebook based on some new clippings, I'll do that after the fact in the Evernote app, thank you very much. Just my humble opinion, alongside yours.
  3. Is that not exactly what this discussion is about? Isn't under-the-hood stuff the very stuff that is inherently more complicated than opening the drivers' side door and pressing the accelerator? Isn't under-the-hood stuff more advanced and often times the "kind of thing you might read on a linux forum"? (Sorry that quote is from a different user but I think captures the prevailing tone of resistance throughout this topic). Ultimately what I am seeing here is users complaining about the HTML export because it means that you have text files filled with HTML in one place, and the attachments referenced in those text files in another (conventionality located and very obviously named) location. But what would a suitable, universally acceptable alternative be that wouldn't prevent future modification of your data and wouldn't corrupt other types of data? It is OBVIOUS that most people's Evernote contents would not all be suitable to be converted to PDFs. How on earth would you create a PDF of a note that itself contains a PDF or .docx file? How would you create a .docx file that itself contains a PDF or .xlsx file? Or which doesn't conform to a relatively standard set of page dimensions? Or which contains formatting that is not interpretable by a word processor? Perhaps Evernote should dynamically decide what format a given note should be exported in based on the note contents. This would be a feat of software development. If you offered these options, you would end up with users exporting using one of these formats and subsequently losing lots of data. There's a pain point if I've ever seen one. Can you imagine if you exported your data as word documents and all of your attachments were... where? at best they'd be where they are placed with existing export methods, in a directory conveniently named after the note to which the attachment was originally attached. So that isn't really much of an improvement and now you are stuck with a .docx file which is hardly portable. PDF may be slightly better in terms of portability, but you'd still have the attachment dilemma, and now your note contents are all completely un-modifiable! What about tags? neither PDF nor .docx have provisions for metadata such as tags. WHAT ELSE MAKES SENSE? As I see it, PDF and .doc (and .rft and .txt) all pose other, serious problems, and hardly address the other concerns mentioned here (such as the location of attachments upon export ). I agree that HTML is a bit of a pain in the butt in some respects. Indeed looking at the bare HTML code is a bit overwhelming. That being said, HTML means that your attachments can be directly referenced within the HTML text so your attachment and note are nicely linked. HTML means that no matter what the contents of the note were, they can be accurately reproduced without serious corruption, distortion, or loss. HTML means that you have lost NO data. Your tags are preserved, your formatting preserved, the location of your attachment preserved, everything is present in the HTML export. This is critical if you intend to rebuild your note database somewhere else. If someone is planning on undertaking a significant task like relocating an entire Evernote database into some other location, getting a little greasy under the hood is just part of due diligence. Like doing your own oil change, it is a chore, it is messy, and car manufacturers haven't made it as easy as flicking a switch. That's the way it works. HTML is a bit tough, but the "simple" solutions are impractical and incomplete, and will lead to data loss. Things are sometimes a bit challenging for very good reason, as is discussed in great detail throughout this thread.
  4. re-installing the application is a good start. You should not lose your past notes assuming there haven't been any sync issues. You can verify that your Penultimate content has synced properly by viewing it using the Evernote application where that information is stored. Are there any issues with respect to your upload quota with Evernote? Make sure everything conforms to the limits imposed on your account: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23283158 Exceeding any of these could potentially cause issues.
  5. Thanks for coming back and posting Support's response! I was truly puzzled.
  6. Ok, so you have chosen to not to enable your GPS (not sure why GPS is very poor, most of the earth is well covered by GPS satellites... yes MAPPING data may be poor but that is very different from GPS data) to conserve battery life. I am sure just as many people have also decided they want either a hidden SSID or don't have wireless at home. Which crowd do you leave out? Ok, so perhaps it is unlikely you will forget to bring up your grocery list when you go to the store, but I disagree that it is useless. It would be GREAT if, upon arriving at the store/ bank/airport/veterinary clinic, that my shopping list/flight itinerary/utility bill/pet insurance/whatever happens to just show up on my device's lock screen, thus being one swipe away from being displayed in full. That, in my opinion, is much better than having to open Evernote and tap around until I find my list/itinerary/whatever. While I understand that you might be in a situation where, because you have chosen to disable wifi and your area may have poor mapping data, that location based reminders may be somewhat limiting. But this doesn't take away from the fact that location based reminders have considerably more flexibility and would be hugely less prone to errors than SSID based reminders. There is also the question about whether third party applications can actually get access to the SSID the device is connected to, and I don't know the answer here, and it will depend on the device. If Evernote is not given access to the SSID that you are currently connected to, then it can't perform the function you are wanting. I can definitely see the value in your request and I can see it complimenting location based features, assuming it is technically possible to pass the SSID from the OS to the Evernote application. But I really can't see SSID based reminders coming before location based reminders, or at all, given their very limited use cases.
  7. Jeez yes. Never install a beta as your only OS. Use a separate partition or a different device. Years of testing these sorts of things has shown me all the ways things can go catastrophically wrong... thankfully I never had a problem because I always tested with care! It is very normal for software to not immediately support a beta OS. I'm sure they'll have something ready as Yosemite launch approaches in the fall.
  8. I feel like location based reminders would be equally, if not more effective than this... Unlike the slew of random wifi networks I've connected to with my various devices which are a total mess and the SSIDs of which periodically change, addresses (which can lead to easily looked-up geolocations by the device itself) are store in my address book and don't really change. 123 Spooner Lane is pretty much in the same spot every day! Plus, this means I can set a reminder for when I arrive at the grocery store or the bank or wherever, all of which lack Wifi. With other location-based reminder systems you usually just have to search "Grocery store X" or "Home" or "123 spooner lane, smallville Nova Scotia" and you're set to go. Is there a reason you see Wifi as being better than specific locations? If you own an apple device (especially an iOS device) you can see a pretty good implementation of this in their built-in Reminders application.
  9. I suspect rdj999 may have hit the nail on the head. This is the only thing I can think of.
  10. It is possible you saw this in some other application with an integrated browser. I don't ever recall seeing this in Safari for iOS. Since the dawn of iOS, third parties have never had a way of getting themselves included in the share button in safari. This will change in iOS 8, when developers are given the opportunity to create "Extensions" that could allow for this. I imagine Evernote will try and leverage this new capacity when iOS 8 is released this fall.
  11. That is correct. Unfortunate that the march of "progress" is swift and forgetful!
  12. You can buy just one month of premium for $5US so you can get access to your note history for 30 days. Preventing Data loss is not a perk of premium, a premium user is just as likely to encounter the issue that you have. Another option is to restore your database from backup. If you have a backup of your hard drive you can transplant a backed up Evernote database into your current state. Search the forums for restoring from backup, there's been lots of talk and there is some guidance.
  13. The only thing I can think of for is to use the Note History, a premium feature, to try and see if you can recover some of that data. Keep in mind that "snapshots" of notes are taken at long intervals (about 8hrs), so it might not allow you to get back all of your lost changes, but perhaps some. The beta version of Evernote for Mac, and I think the stable version of Windows have all received considerable improvements to sync, so changes sync MUCH faster, almost immediately. This should really reduce problems related to poor sync etiquette on the user's part, or sync glitches on Evernote's part, which I think account for the vast majority of these losses.
  14. I haven't noticed this on my iPhone 4s. Are you using the most up-to-date version of Evernote for your iPhone? Are you running iOS 7.1.2? If you are fully up to date on both Evernote and iOS, try the following. 1) Restart your phone. If that doesn't work 2) Re-install the application by long-tapping the icon, then tapping the "x" that appears. You can then go to the app store and download it again. You shouldn't lose any data, as long as everything has been syncing without a problem.
  15. You'll want to read my post and the links here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/60060-business-cards-to-contacts/?p=280418
  16. Wordsgood, I just happened to come across a KB article the other day on that topic: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23283158 Nothing new beyond what Gaz has said, other than being the 'official' word.
  17. Doug, you'll notice my reply pertains specifically to Katrin's query, which I quoted, and which DOES work. The other complaints in this thread, I did not address when I said "it works".
  18. This is a user forum, though staff are aware of this thread as indicated by their participation above. Nevertheless, I have flagged this for staff attention to see if they can shed some insight onto what might be happening now that some people have indicated what devices they are running.
  19. I'll have to defer to someone who actually has an android device, but I suspect there are a few things going on here. anything attached to the note MUST be downloaded to local storage to be viewed or modified. Typically this local storage is evernote's application cache. If the PDF file is ending up saved somewhere else, this might be related to either something you are doing, or to the way the applications and Android operating system seem to want to work... Either way someone with android experience will have to chime in. Remember that this is a user forum, so you'll have to be patient. We fellow users visit this board on our spare time, so temper your expectations. A few hours isn't unreasonable.
  20. What kind of tablet? Without knowing that it is hard to provide much help.
  21. Isn't there currently a beta for Firefox web clipper? Chrome has a really easy development environment, it usually sees the clipper updates first, happened last time there was a major version bump, then safari and others got the new version. Firefox seems to be challenging hence the lateness of the major update which is currently in beta,
  22. The forum software is a bit of a prude.
  23. You'll also want to make sure you are complying with any privacy related laws in your country/state/etc, and any privacy regulations at your workplace. You are storing personal information on third-party servers by using Evernote. For example, in many jurisdictions it is illegal to store medical information (or psychiatric information) on a cloud service such as Evernote (or dropbox, or Box, or Google). You'd be wise to double-check the laws and policies in your area and see if there is anything you need to consider in this regard, especially since you are dealing with minors.
  24. Most scanners offer a setting for whether to treat each page as its own document, or as one continuous document, so this SHOULD be user controllable, but will vary by model. With respect to sharing, it is important to be specific about what you mean. 1) In Evernote, you can create a notebook, and you can share that notebook with other Evernote users. The notebook appears in their Evernote database, as well as yours. They can be allowed to edit the contents, or not. 2) You can simply turn your tablet or computer screen towards someone who is in close proximity and essentially "share" the content with them. (1) requires that the other person have an Evernote account. You must invite that person using their email address. If you had a problem student, you could create a notebook for that particular student specifically for the purposes of sharing that notebook with a parent or staff member. Since you use tags to keep track of all of your students, you should simply search for notes tagged with that student's name, and move them all to that newly created notebook which you could then share with whomever you see fit (assuming they have an Evernote account). This will give access only to those people you share it with, and only to that data. Data on other students in other notebooks is still private to you. You can have up to 250 notebooks with a premium account. If you create student-specific notebooks only in instances where there is a need to share contents with another Evernote user (be it a parent of a colleague), you should be able to stay well within those limits (you have 180 students maximum, so if each one was a troublemaker, you would still have 70 notebooks left over to do the rest of your organizing). When your business with a given student is complete (the problem resolved, information conveyed, the student transferred, etc.), you'd be wise to return the notes to the regular pool with the rest of the students and remove the shared notebook to keep your notebook count under control. (2) Is self-evident. The only concern here would be that you may want to take care that no other private information belonging to other students is visible on the screen when you show the device to parents/staff etc. For example, the note list on the left hand side might show the first few lines of each note in the list. You'll want to ensure nothing is inadvertently exposed by those means.
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