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  1. Preview.app was indeed the application I was referring to. Yes, "annotate the entire note" is a workaround since it effectively creates an entirely new PDF file from the contents of the note. This sounds like it works in your situation but it may not be a practical workaround for all future needs. But, at least for now things are working!
  2. this is puzzling and very likely has something to do with file permissions, though it may not be a problem in the way that Disk Utility is designed to fix. If this is indeed the case, then it is quite likely that you will get the same error when annotating in preview. Perhaps this would be worth testing. Locate a PDF that has generated that error reliably. Try annotating it in Preview and saving it (just hit cmd-s, it will save the changes to your EN database). Do you get the same error?
  3. Normally any PDF I have in Evernote I annotate in Preview, so I haven't come across this in my day-to-day. Just tried it with a couple of PDFs using Evernote's annotation tools. After a few attempts I wasn't able to reproduce your error. One thing to try: Open Disk Utility on your mac (Applications>Utilities, or search spotlight for "Disk Utility") Select the drive Evernote is installed on and under "First Aid" select "repair permissions". It is possible that something is wonky with the permission in the directory where evernote is storing your database, and it has lost "write" privileges to that directory.
  4. Agreed. Undo in Evernote on the iPhone is fairly limited.
  5. Shake to undo on an iphone or iPad. On the iPad there is also an undo button in the number/symbol keyboard (which is the OS standard).
  6. I'm not finding this setting. I'm using an iphone 5s, and a macbook pro together. I'm assuming the setting is on the iphone, but not finding it. Can you give some step-by-step for enabling "Save to Contacts"? In Evernote on your iPhone, make sure you are in the Evernote home screen (with your username in the top left). 1) Tap your username to enter settings. (Your name, preceded by a small gear icon). 2) Tap on word "General" around the bottom of the display (in the middle of the Settings screen). 3) Tap on "Camera" 4) Tap on "Business Cards" 5) Toggle the "Save To Contacts" switch so it is "ON" which will result in automatically saving every scanned business card to your device's Contacts.
  7. I was extremely concerned about this when I bought it, but after extensive use I could not detect a single scratch. Have you reported this to the company (Adonit or Evernote)? I would be interested in hearing their responses. I have not seen anyone else complain about this either, so I am wondering if there are some other factors involved. It isn't clear that it is the Jot Script that this user is referring to, just that it was an Adonit stylus. Adonit has styli with three different tips, so unless this user clarifies, we have know way of knowing if it was the Script, or another model with a different tip. That being said, the Stylus with the Mini/Pro/Flip style "disc" tip have acquired a bit of a reputation for potentially causing scratches on some users screens, but again, that disc-style tip is only one SOME models.
  8. That is not currently possible. Things like this may change with the new features available to developers in iOS 8 which will be released this winter. If Evernote and other PDF application developers take advantage of these features in the new OS, you might be able to use some other applications PDF annotation tools within Evernote. Again, this depends upon the developers taking advantage of these new OS features. In the mean time, you have Evernote's annotation tools, or you can use the really clumsy workaround of opening a PDF in a more capable annotation application, then opening it back into Evernote, ultimately copying your file around several times (ugh). As a side note, I've posted elsewhere, and at length, about the limitations of the unique PDF annotation tools in Evernote, and why I keep the majority of my PDFs in a cloud storage solution like Dropbox and Box, and rely primarily on PDF Expert for annotations on my mobile device. I LOVE Evernote's PDF tools for some very small set of tasks I only do very periodically. 99% of my PDF work takes place in Preview on my Mac, or PDF Expert on my iPad.... all of the notes I take on those PDFs, however, live in Evernote
  9. This may not accurately reflect how the Jot Script and Jot Touch interact with the iPad display since they use very different tips from the Mini, Flip, and Pro.
  10. Evernote is good at some things and not others. Personally I use it to store receipts while travelling, but I don't use it to "manage" my expenses. I haven't found it useful for that. Some other discussion on the topic, and some discussion about the type of applications you are asking for: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/65336-evernote-and-receipts/ It may just be the case that Evernote is not going to give you what you need for tracking your expenses in a comprehensive way.
  11. This is now also natively supported by Presentation Mode. A series of notes containing a skitch image can be viewed in sequence using presentation mode, or you can create a single note with multiple skitch images. Knowledge base article on Presentation Mode: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/38825186
  12. There is ONLY the Evernote branded Adonit Jot Script. There are other Adonit Jot _______ available (Touch/Flip/Pro/Mini). No personal experience using other Adonit units, but Penultimate is listed as a "jot ready app" suggesting that it should be compatible with the entire Jot line-up. Granted, it will work with any stylus, including your finger.... but the higher end Jot units will provide some palm rejection and whatnot. The Jot Touch is probably going to offer the best experience overall, though all of Adonit's line-up is well regarded.
  13. What you are seeing appears to be the PDF annotation tools offered within Evernote. No narnia, no smoke, no mirrors. Just non-standard editing tools.
  14. I just tried to reproduce your issue and couldn't Simplified Article mode displays what I'd expect it to display, and clips the content just fine.... Doesn't mean it isn't still a bug, but it clearly isn't impacting every installation.
  15. I had the same issue, button was unresponsive, but the hotkey seemed to work. I think this was around the time the update was released and Safari auto-updated but it seemed to not go as smoothly as it could have.
  16. Thanks for posting your ticket number. I've flagged this for staff attention so hopefully you'll be contacted early this coming week. Evernote support only work business days so Monday will be the absolute earliest you'll get a response.
  17. Yes, these settings are global. Its an all or nothing deal. Evernote either gets access, or it doesn't. It cannot have access sometimes, for something's, and not for others. So based on the settin,pg, it should not have access. From the sounds of it, this problem has nothing to do with someone else accessing your account... If that were occurring, it wouldn't likely manifest in this way. Since toggling your location services, have you noticed this occurring since?
  18. Time to turn auto-update off for your extensions! That's a pretty big set of errors. I think a more reasonable request will be to have those bs fixed. Evernote are not going to give the old clipper back. EN staff read these forums so you can be assured that they are aware of this post and your issues.
  19. You can create your own paper. Using any applicTion you like, create an image with the lines you desire. Send the jpg of that image to your devices camera roll, and in the paper menu of penultimate import that image. It will become a "paper" alongside the default styles.
  20. You are looking for conventional PDF text highlighting in Evernote, rather than they "drawing" sort of annotations currently offered? (keep in mind that when you annotate a PDF in evenote, you haven't done anything with Skitch, EN has just used a similar interface and tools for EN's native PDF editor). As far as I know, and rather dismayingly, standard select and highlight annotations are not available. It's been this way for a good number of months now... Definitely since Evernote version 7.0 came out last fall. I suspect this may change a bit for the better when Evernote and other PDF annotation app makers leverage the new technologies built into iOS 8 in the fall.
  21. A few thoughts. 1) when you go to your device's Settings:Privacy:location services can you confirm A) that Evernote really does NOT have permission to access your location and B ) that after opening Evernote, there is no purple or black location arrow next to Evernote's listing in ...:Privacy:Location Services. A black arrow means that the applicTion had recently, but is not currently, using your location. 2) the accuracy of the location services may not always be great. It is possible that it selected the title while your phone thought you were in a very different location than you really were. Or, it was unable to identify your exact location in terms of nice, human-readable words, and instead imputed the nearest address that it could fetch (are you on a more rural area perhaps?) 3) can you confirm that you did not have a calendar entry on your phone that might have had a title similar to that address that appeared as the note title? Evernote will, if permitted, also use your calendar to pull title suggestions. I am going to guess that, for some reason, Evernote was granted access to your location and that perhaps you had forgotten. This may especially be the case if you recently re-installed he app and rushes through the permission prompts when they were displayed. As for the odd location, I suspect this is just a gps quirk. If, in fact, location services are denied, and were denied at the time, then I am stumped.you could always try toggling location services on and back off, just to make darn sure the OS knows what you want.
  22. Looks like this already-unreliable workaround for clipping is probably on its way out. I don't believe this was ever officially supported by Evernote. Thankfully with the Extensions API within iOS 8 coming in the fall, we'll hopefully see an honest-to-god clipper!
  23. On iPad, there is also an undo button when you invoke the numerical/symbol keyboard by pressing the "123" button in the bottom corners.
  24. This is currently available on the desktop version, at least for the Mac (perhaps this has not yet made it out of the public beta). Not sure how it would apply to penultimate necessarily.... I also would welcome this to Evernote on mobile!
  25. Just to clarify, is this a request that such a feature be added to Evernote on iOS?
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